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4 tips to fit bar table in kitchen design

For quite some time now, many people have adopted the Western tradition of making a bar counter in the kitchen. Unlike New York apartments, most often it serves as an everyday table for the household, while on holidays a large table is set for invited guests.

Let's discuss today where and why it is better to place a bar counter, what material to choose a countertop from and what dimensions to stick to.

1 - Between kitchen and living room

The bar counter can be an excellent element of space zoning. Light and weightless, visually attractive, it will perfectly fit into the design of any room, if you choose the right materials. When taking out a balcony door in many apartments, piers remain on both sides of the resulting wide opening. One of the options to decorate this space is to put a bar counter on the border of the balcony and the kitchen, which would adjoin such a wall. In this case, the rack should be small in size to allow free movement around the room.

2 - Near the wall

In case there is very little space in the apartment, a small bar counter is sometimes located directly against the wall. This may not be very comfortable from the point of view that during meals you sit exactly against the wall, but in cases where you don’t have to choose, this way of arranging furniture is also the place to be. Be sure to leave a plece for chairs, we recommend to choose hamptons style bar stools.

3 - The size of the bar

The width of the bar counter is at least 40 cm. It is this size that is sufficient for this. to place a large plate on it. If the area allows, the ideal width can be considered 50 cm.

The height most often depends on the height of the countertop in the kitchen and is made to the appropriate size. A huge plus of bar stools suitable for such a rack is that they are almost always adjustable in height. So, any person will be able to adjust the position of the seat “for themselves”. The approximate height of the bar counters is from 85 cm to 120 cm.

The length of the bar counter is often dictated by two indicators: the physical capabilities of the room and the number of family members. Most often, no more than 4 chairs are located in the kitchen near the counter, the length of which does not exceed 200 cm. The main thing is that a passage of at least 120 cm remains between the bar counter and walls or other furniture.

4 - Material to choose for a bar counter

Fake diamond

From artificial stone, you can make both the countertop and the base of the bar counter. This material has a huge range of colors and textures, so it has gained extraordinary popularity. If you already have an artificial stone on the countertop in the kitchen, we advise you to choose the color of the material for the bar counter either the same or in harmony with it. The cost of such material is from $400 to $1200 on average per 1 m2 of material.


For lovers of design delights and experiments, acrylic is suitable. Unique shapes, curves, concavities and convexities can be created from this new material. Though a sculpture in the shape of a hippopotamus, which will support the countertop of your bar counter. Here it is already a matter of imagination and the means that you have for such a product. Particularly relevant in previous years was the theme of "space" interiors, where all forms were streamlined.

A natural stone

From natural stone, countertops are most often ordered for both the bar counter and the kitchen at the same time. The material is impeccable in its appearance, unique, natural and therefore expensive. In addition, natural stone - and it can be marble, onyx or other rocks - is very demanding in care.

Laminated chipboard

This type of countertop coating is the most affordable. A large palette of appearance design will help you choose the one that suits you best. There are all kinds of imitations - stone, wood, plain coatings and designer prints.


This material cannot be called the most practical, but nevertheless I also use it to design bar counters. The beauty of glass is in the variety of colors and shades and the remarkable ability to reflect light. Minus - the material is still cold, which is not very beneficial in terms of health for the joints of the hands, and rather fragile.

The bottom line

The use of a bar counter gives an unusual style to the interior of the house. It combines functionality and decorativeness. The variety of colors and textures of the artificial stone used in the manufacture helps them to fit organically into the interior.

The opportunity to make bar counters for the home to order is used by designers, if necessary, to divide the space into functional zones. You can order a bar counter of any configuration, modern technologies can make the joints between the parts of the product invisible.