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7 tips to make your small living room look bigger

Making a living room cozy and comfortable is not an easy task. If, in addition, the living room is small in size, then it becomes much more difficult to achieve the desired result. In this regard, it is worth talking about the arrangement of miniature living rooms.

Symmetry is perhaps the most win-win and best option for a small living room. It is in this room that you can easily implement this idea. Paired lamps, accessories on the wall, and identical interior items are ideal. Freedom of expression and absolute flight of fancy. At first glance, such a stereotyped and unoriginal technique as a mirror arrangement of interior items helps not only visually expand the space, but also equip it as comfortably and ergonomically as possible.

Angles and diagonals. Furniture Arrangement Tricks

To achieve the desired effect, it is worth moving away from the hackneyed and sometimes stereotyped ideas for arranging living rooms, in which pieces of furniture are located strictly along the walls. Pay attention to the corners where the furniture can be placed. Much more effective and practical in terms of saving space will look in the corner cabinet or appliances. The last time they chose the MebelEden online store for furniture purchases. Excellent prices for our region. If cabinets are placed diagonally in the corners, then tall houseplants in pots should be placed near them to hide the edges of the furniture.

Seating area in a small living room

In small living rooms, it would be more correct to design a seating area on the opposite side of the door. So the TV will not reflect the sun's rays that fall on it. The best way to arrange furniture will be a U-shaped model, which will minimize the space occupied by furniture. Be sure to buy a 3 seat sofa from Modern Furniture.

The right pieces can make all the difference when it comes to creating a comfortable and functional living room, no matter the size. Make sure that you get high quality furniture that both satisfies your taste as well as the overall aesthetics of the place. This will result in a more spacious look and feel.

Let there be light and mirrors!

The most powerful interior detail that allows you to visually enlarge the space is mirrors. But don't limit yourself to just them. You can use all design tricks, such as: glossy, reflective planes. The feeling of freedom and lightness will be given by decorative glass details of the interior of the living room. Also, don't forget about lighting. Properly located floor lamps, wall lamps will visually expand the space in the living room. They will make the room more airy, bright and spacious.

The width, length, and height of the living room are just numbers on the plan. Fantasy and skill will make these numbers just a formality.

The color of the walls for a small living room

The main colors in the palette of minimalism: white, cream, yellow, beige, ash, light gray. Try to stick to the above light calm shades. Do not forget that warm colors soothe and pacify, while cold colors set you in a businesslike mood. It is better to refuse wallpaper with ornaments, flowers, stripes. Give preference to plain light walls. Thanks to this, the ceiling will seem higher than it actually is, and the room will expand, filled with light and air.

If the room is very elongated. then with the help of color you can slightly correct this imbalance by painting the walls in different colors, while the far wall should be lighter than the rest. Don't forget they should be light. monophonic and combined with each other.

Floor color

The floor should be a little darker than the walls, but also light enough. Opt for soft, light colors. If there are small children in the apartment, whose presence is almost always accompanied by a small catastrophe and cleaning, do not worry, modern coatings, even white, are very easy to clean and take on their original appearance.

Window decoration of a small living room and textiles

Proper window design in a small living room is extremely important. Discard dark thick curtains and curtains made of coarse fabrics. Airy light fabric is what you need. The more light in your living room, the more it seems! Naturally, the color of the curtains should be combined with the overall color scheme of the room, focusing on the color of the walls, floor, furniture, and other textiles. The abundance of lambrequins is not desirable. The design of the curtains should be ascetic, the Roman version is ideal.

There should be little textile

Flatly refuse the tablecloth on the table, napkins, carpets on the walls, blankets. Firstly, all this “goodness” collects an incredible amount of dust, and secondly, it does not fit with the minimalist style at all and our common goal is to make the room bigger. Contrasting sofa cushions are acceptable, perhaps a small carpet in the center of the room. The carpet should be combined in style with the rest of the textiles: curtains and sofa cushions.

The basic rule of interior design for a small living room is to use absolutely all means in order to make the available space visually more spacious.

Because, in principle, it is unrealistic to add "squares" in fact, it is worth rationally using what is.

The easiest way, the most affordable is to use compact cabinet furniture - when creating a contrast, the brain begins to perceive the room visually larger against the background of the furniture.