Essential Items You Need in Your Minimalist Bedroom

by - August 31, 2022

Keeping your bedroom uncluttered is a great way to make it a good environment for sleeping. When it's a clean and tidy space, it can help you to practice good sleep hygiene. If you choose a minimalist style for your bedroom, you can keep it free of clutter and ensure it's a space where you can relax. A minimalist bedroom doesn't need much, but there are some key items that you won't want to go without. If you don't have these essential pieces for your bedroom, you could find it's so minimalist that it's not really functional. Make sure you have these essentials in your room if you want it to work for you.

Clothes Storage

You could keep your clothes elsewhere in your home, but it just makes sense to keep them in your bedroom. You might have a closet where you can store most of your things, but you will probably need some type of clothes storage to ensure you can neatly store all of your things. If you want to keep things minimal, pick more slimline pieces that don't take up a lot of space. You might want to have a dresser or a minimalist wardrobe, or perhaps even a clothing rail to hang things.

Bedside Storage

Having a bed in your bedroom is a given, but some storage next to your bed is also useful. It gives you somewhere to put things you might want to reach for in the night or in the morning. It's also useful for putting down anything before you go to sleep, like a book or your glasses, and it can hold a bedside light. There are lots of great tables with minimal designs, like some of the designer bedside tables from RJ. Your bedside table doesn't need to be big, and it might have a drawer inside of it so you can store things out of sight.


Even a minimalist bedroom needs lighting. In fact, you might have a couple of different light sources in your bedroom. It's useful to have a main light that will illuminate the whole room and a smaller light (or lights) that you can use when you only want a low level of lighting or light concentrated on a small area. It's handy to have a light you can control from your bed too, whether it's a bedside lamp you can lean over to switch off or a smart light you can turn off with your phone or a voice command.

A Vanity Table

A vanity table might not be essential in all bedrooms, and you might choose to omit it if you don't have a lot of space. However, having a space to get ready is definitely helpful, even in a minimalist bedroom. A vanity table and chair can also give you somewhere to nearly put clothes you're still wearing so that you don't end up with a "floordrobe" and can keep everything tidy.

Get these essential items for your minimalist bedroom and try to avoid cluttering it up with too many extras.

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