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It’s Very Important To Regularly Declutter Your Home - Here's How To Do It

Most people put off decluttering till it's too late. Eventually, they are forced to get started with a complete deep cleaning of the home, and it becomes a lot more work than it really needs to be. Ideally, you should be deep cleaning the home at least every six months. This helps keep things under control and minimizes the time and effort each deep cleaning takes.

Decluttering is one of the most important parts of a deep clean, and the more things you have and the larger your home is, the longer it usually takes. However, with these clever tips, you can manage your decluttering process in a matter of days. If you are highly efficient and have a couple of helping hands, you might even be able to do it in a single day. Here is what you need to do.

Remove Unnecessary Items

Start off by simply going through all the different rooms and storage spaces in the home and finding things that you are sure you don’t need anymore. You don’t need to start moving them just yet; simply make a list so you know how much stuff you are working with and what kinds of things they are.

Next, organize things based on things that need to be thrown away, things that can be sold, and things that can be donated or gifted to someone else. You can either get these removable items sorted out before you declutter or leave this to the very end if you think you might have more things to add. If any of these things need cleaning or repairing, you can do that along with the other things when you get to the cleaning phase.

Start With Rooms

Before you start pulling out drawers and getting into nooks and crannies, develop a strategy. The best option is to tackle one room at a time. Some people prefer to start with the room that has the most things, such as the kitchen or the children's playroom. Once you have the biggest rooms out of the way, you can move on to spaces with fewer things in them.

When you start decluttering a room, you should also have a strategy in place. For instance, start with the top and work your way to the bottom. Things like the fan and overhead cabinets come first, and lowermost drawers and floor cabinets come last.

Set Aside Storables

While you are removing things to donate or throw away, and as you are going through other belongings, you will also come across a lot of stuff that you don't need right now but could be useful in the future. Here you might want to make an extra box and use that for things that can be stored.

Urban homes are getting smaller and smaller in busy cities such as Singapore, so if you don’t have room to store these things at home, there are other solutions. If you have space at home, then that’s convenient; otherwise, you can look into central Singapore storage options and outsource the storage. You can get as small or as big of a storage unit as you need and store these things there indefinitely. If you can get a storage service that also delivers your belongings, that will make your life even easier. Whenever you need something, just get it delivered and if you find anything later than you want to put into storage, just have it delivered to the storage facility.

Clean As You Go

Rather than coming back around for another round of cleaning when you are done decluttering, just clean the spaces as you go. With a simple homemade cleaning mix and a rag, you can get rid of dirt, grime, and odors. If you find an extremely dirty place with stains or some other dirt that just won't come off, simply apply the mix and leave it there for a few minutes while you clean the next area. Come back later and wipe it clean.

This way, you will reduce your workload tremendously. If you are very particular about how things are cleaned, or you aren’t satisfied with the first round, you can also go over the things with the same mix a second time to get it completely clean. Make sure you leave cabinets and drawers open for at least 24 hours to air them out. This will remove excess moisture and the smell of the cleaning mix.

Cleaning and decluttering often take more time than necessary because people don't take a moment to organize things when they are first putting them in their homes. If you just have a proper storage system, decluttering your home becomes that much easier. Simply labeling storage containers and dedicating drawers for certain kinds of things can make your next decluttering cycle that much easier and quicker.