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3 Good Reasons To Use A Self-Storage Unit

The storage industry has been a lucrative business for years, which indicates its usefulness. Statistics report that there are over 23,000,000 individual storage units in the country. The numbers alone represent the value people place on storage units. Perhaps, it is also why several moving companies offer such services. Below are some of the reasons people use these storage options.

Reduces the stress of moving

In a survey to determine the extent of stress people endure when moving, respondents admitted that it is by far the most pressurizing life event. Relocation becomes necessary for various reasons, including getting a transient job with no permanent residence, downsizing, consolidating homes, or staging a house for sale. Indeed, no matter the reason moving from one home to the next is a challenge that requires utmost patience and a lot of effective planning. Research has shown that a greater number of people who endure more stress are those who fail to plan out their move.

That’s where external storage comes in. Finding a secure facility to keep your valuables can eliminate the stress of moving. If the distance to your destination is long, consider hiring cross country moving companies that add storage facilities to their services. The convenience of storing your items with a company that helped you move offers further assurance that your valuables are safe.

Creates additional space at home

According to reports, 33% of households say the clutter problem in their homes is due to inadequate space. Additionally, 25% of cluttered homes result from people holding onto things that could be better kept in a storage facility. However, not everyone can get rid of some belongings due to sentimental attachment or because they may belong to their close ones who are out of town. External storage is an excellent solution to help people slowly declutter and let go of things when they are ready. Another space problem is increasing family size, and external storage can be a temporary solution until you get a bigger area. Additionally, interior design enthusiasts who prefer to decorate their home based on themes, seasons, etc., can use these external storage solutions to house decor items they aren't using immediately.

Business and commercial needs

Reports indicate that businesses around the country use storage facilities to store equipment. Others also use storage for seasonal materials depending on the activity they are engaged in. More importantly, businesses in the city centers may have no room for structural expansion. Others may also consider it unwise to move to a bigger office space which costs more. Therefore, the best business decision in that regard might be to keep their wares in a storage facility. Compared to moving to a highly-priced commercial space, it is a cheaper alternative to use a storage unit.

If you are looking for a sign to get external storage, you can assess if you fall within any of these categories. You should consider your needs, budget, lifestyle, etc., in the assessment.