Small Business Tips: 3 Different Types Of Storage

by - August 23, 2021


Every business needs some form of storage. Some need a great big warehouse where they can keep tons and tons of stock, others need depots where they have an intake of packages and parcels, and some just need their garage to store a small amount of niche home business products. There’s always the question of whether or not you actually need storage, but this has by and large always been around. Self-storage has changed the game, as many people who would normally never consider a storage service have begun to open their minds to this option. Po boxes and virtual mail have had the same effect and private warehouses have brought forward mass inventory storage for the entrepreneur.

Private warehouse

There are two types of private warehouses. First, the one that is most common is a shared private warehouse. This is where a traditional warehouse that a company built, owned and or rented, has been opened up to a lot of various businesses. You simply have a section of the warehouse allocated to you. So if there is a warehouse that is 25,000 square feet, you may be given 500 square feet. You can buy 500 square feet x3, x4 or x5, depending on how much you need.

The other variant of a private warehouse is simply, a small or medium sized warehouse where all the space is your own. This is rarer than the first but if you can find such a storage space, you should try to snap it up as you have the peace of mind that it is all yours and you can come and go as you please.

PO box

Are PO boxes still a thing? Well, yes of course. They are invaluable for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are usually taken very seriously, as many use PO boxes to store very valuable and or sensitive things, and PO boxes are usually going to come with excellent security. This is why a company like is used by so many businesses, small and large. Here you can have your contracts or other sensitive documents sent. The team will scan the documents and then email them to you. If you want the physical copies to be destroyed safely, this can be done too.

Self-storage units

It seems like self-storage units are really for people who just don’t have a garage. And yet, its quite useful as you can have different sizes of storage room and rest assured that your contents will be protected. Self-storage units are open 24-hours, flood defenses, on-site physical security, cameras, guards and only those with registered access can come and open up your storage unit. It's a very secure way to store inventory and micro-businesses or entrepreneurs might find this very useful.

Storage is always that one expense that you feel like you can do without. But when you grow, you will eventually need some kind of storage access and these are just three options.

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