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Inspiring Eco-Friendly Gifts for Your Female Friend

I love sharing gifts with my girl pals over an enjoyable meal or a happy occasion, sharing nit-bits and chuckling laughter all around. It never occurred to me to think, hmm, this beautiful gift is eco-friendly until I came across a store selling eco-friendly gifts. True, there are many gifts we can think of to give to our female friends. However, have you thought about what gift is eco-friendly?

Let me take this opportunity to inspire you with ideas for the next eco-friendly gift you give to your female friends.

A Bouquet

Yeap, you guessed it right, flowers, beautiful flowers are great eco-friendly birthday gifts. They are also convenient, cheerful, and most are pocket-friendly. You can choose from a variety of different flowers, depending on your friend’s favorite color or scent, and make a unique and thoughtful bouquet that will match their personality and make them feel special.

Plant a Tree

You did not see that one coming, did you? We all have that friend who loves to grow plants, indoor or outdoor, or both. Why not give them a potted plant or directly transplanted one in their garden? Planting the tree together while sharing stories makes this gift a memorable present.

Outdoor Activity Gifts

Do your female friends love the outdoors as much as you do? Invite them to walk through a forest hiking trail, or relax by the beach, skiing, picnic, and others activities. Relax the mind, release stress, and refresh both you and your friend.

Practical Travel Essentials

If your friend is all about travel, feed her wanderlust soul with some thoughtful, eco-friendly travel items!  Something compact, portable, and functional while looking aesthetic would be great options.  Try looking into a passport holder, well-designed toiletry bag, easily foldable and expandable travel bags, or a gorgeous travel jewelry organizer case.  

Natural And Sustainable Skin and Body Care Products

Does one of your female friends enjoy using natural products? Why not gift them with natural or organic skin and body care products. They are less damaging to the skin and are eco-friendly. These natural or organic products work in harmony with the body for better skin balance and self-repair.

Fluffy, Snuggly, and Sustainable Pajamas

At the end of the day snuggling in fluffy and comfortable pajamas makes for better relaxation. The sustainable pajamas are eco-friendly and are available in various colors.

100% Bamboo washcloth

These washcloths and towels are made from 100% Bamboo fiber. They are also soft to the feel and more water-absorbent than traditional towels.

Cozy Sustainable Knitwear for the Cold season

Fall is upon us, and winter and its cold season are blowing around the corner. Sustainable knitwear made from recyclable cashmere or beechwood trees adds extra layers of warmth and is soft to wear.

For crocheted items, check out my clothing & accessories patterns.  They are all free patterns for lovely wearables!

Cotton Microwave Bowl Holders

These are great eco-friendly gifts for protecting the hand from hot bowls popped out of the microwave. These reusable cotton microwave bowl holders are made from 100% cotton and lined with double-layered microwavable batting. They are available in different sizes and various colors.

Organic cotton blankets and Throws

These come in beautiful colors and are breathable, soft, and knitted weighted blankets and throws made from organic cotton, making them warm and eco-friendly. Medical research proved that knitted weighted blankets and throws reduce anxiety and promote deeper sleep. They also increase the production of the feel-good hormone serotonin that boosts better sleep quality.

Beautiful Wooden gift cards

Beautifully designed wooden cards with personalized inspiring messages are treasured for a long time. These cards are hand-crafted and designs are laser cut onto sustainable wood with a laser cutting machine.

Reusable Wine Bags

Is there a better way to gift their favorite wine than in reusable jute or burlap fiber wine bags? Share these gifts at weddings, at bridal showers, and on various other occasions.

Solar-powered unscented and flickering candles

These candles are long-lasting and do not melt away. When your friend wants to have a relaxing bath, these flickering candles will come in handy in creating a relaxed, atmospheric mood. They are reusable and sustainable and are useful either at home or outdoor.

Cork Products for sustainable fashion

These include attractive bags inspired by Portuguese heritage. Cork products range from purses to shoes to hats and other products. The cork shoes are water repellent and light on the feet. The materials used to produce these gifts are of high quality, sustainable and eco-friendly. They are conversation starters as they are unique from any other traditional products.

Parting words

Eco-friendly gifts are not hard to find once we put our thoughts into them. Some are timeless and more memorable. Pick a thoughtful gift with your female friend in mind, and you'll not go wrong.