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My Review on Mome's Charita Dress + DISCOUNTS!

For the first time ever, I'm downright obsessed with my newest nursing dress. 

Wait, what?  Nursing dress?

Yes, you got that right!  This is a nursing dress, believe it or not.  Breastfeeding mamas, this is a real treat because we no longer need to sacrifice style for comfort or function!  

(Plus, you can MATCH with your little one!  How absolutely precious is that?)

So... what I have here is the most beautiful and functional nursing dress I've ever seen and had the pleasure of wearing!  This is the Floral Charita Dress from Mome, which is a lovely boutique that specially designs and sells ethically-produced garments for breastfeeding, matching with your mini, and more!  It's made for moms!!

Use the code "SWEETS20" for 20% off on all Mome purchases!

Read on to find out why I adore this dress, or check out my Video Review below!

My Review on Mome's Charita Dress

1. You can nurse conveniently  and discretely in public.

Mome's nursing dresses have hidden zippers built near the bust, making them super discrete. (No one can even tell you're wearing a nursing dress!)  

I love that I can easily zip down and just feed my baby on the go, without having to bring a nursing cover with me.  The way the opening is designed also allows you to maintain modesty.  

2. It has POCKETS!

In all caps, yes. I did NOT know the importance of pockets (especially deep and generously-sized ones) until after my daughter was born.  As a busy mama, pockets are a must!!  Most of my dresses (whether pre-pregnancy, maternity, or nursing) come with zero pockets.  Nada.  And I can't tell you how inconvenient that is!  This gorgeous Charita dress has such deep and wide pockets, I can easily fit a plethora of things including my phone, a travel-sized hand sanitzer and pack of wipes, my keys, and a comb to brush my daughter's hair.  Oh, and there's space for bringing her hair clips and bows, too... all without looking bulgy!  The layers of the dress skirt easily hide all the things you're concealing in your pockets!

3. It comes with an adorable bow!

I have a penchant for hair bows! They're just so pretty and feminine, and my outfit doesn't really feel "complete" until I clip one into my hair.  What's wonderful is that the Mome dresses come with matching bows, which is just precious!  Doesn't it look lovely from behind?

There's one for my little girl's dress, too.  Lena Rose is feeling how soft her bow is! 

4. You get to match with your little one!

Who doesn't love to match with their little one?  These dresses are totally photoshoot-ready and you'll just love taking photos with your little!  

Babies grow up so quickly (this is a very sore spot for me right now, since my baby girl just turned 12 months old in what seems like a blink of an eye) and I can't NOT have some beautiful, precious photo moments to look back on!  Also, whether you have a son or daughter, there are clothing options available for both boys and girls! 

5. It allows you to feel both stylish and comfortable.

Beauty and comfort don't usually go hand-in-hand, so I was very pleasantly surprised to have found Mome's collection of these gorgeous dresses that are not only so lovely with the sweet lace designs and feminine print patterns, but so comfortable too!  The fabric is incredibly soft and well-made, and I feel like a princess (or maybe I should say queen... I'm way too ancient to be a princess!) whenever I wear this dress. 

Speaking of princesses and royalty, I also have to say -- I'm all for their aesthetic.  The dresses have sort of a romantic and vintage, fairytale vibe.  There's a bit of a lolita or Victorian style in there with the delicate lace in the Floral Charita dress. My favorite!  

6. It's flattering on mom bods.

Honestly, I have to say that the shape and design of the dress are flattering for my new mom bod, too.  I have quite the belly pooch now, which has sapped my self-esteem when it comes to dressing myself.  Fortunately, the Floral Charita dress has a smocking back to make it stretchy (with 1-2 more inches of stretch or positive ease), so that moms can wear it even when changing sizes!  I just love how Mome's designs are so maternity-friendly and postpartum-friendly.  It's very body positive and flattering compared to what I normally wear! 


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Use the code "SWEETS20" for 20% off on all Mome purchases!

Meanwhile, want some great breastfeeding tips?  Don't miss out on my post!