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How to Stay Alert and Protect Your Home from Common Safety Hazards

Deciding to sell your home is so much more than just fixing the right asking price. From making your home clutter-free to staging it elegantly to make it appealing to potential buyers, there is quite a lot of work that goes into selling it.

But the one aspect that you may often overlook is ensuring your living space is safe, mainly when many safety hazards in the home may not be seen. The good news is top realty specialists can help you identify and resolve the potential problem areas in your home. You can engage them to ensure your property appeals to buyers as a safe investment.

Here’s how they suggest staying alert and protecting your home from common safety hazards.

Look for Sources That Can Cause Fire Hazards

While electrical fires can result from faulty outlets and old wiring, lit candles and gas leaks can also cause devastating fire accidents.

Experts suggest looking for sources, including overloaded electrical points and excessive dryer lint in your home. Also, have smoke alarms in working condition to alert you in case of a possible fire breakout.

You may replace faulty wiring and install AFCIs, that can prevent nearly 50% of electrical fires. Also, reducing flammable clutter and maintaining wood-lit fireplaces with a regular professional inspection can help to avoid fire hazards up to a great extent.

Look for Signs of Poisoning Due to Carbon Monoxide Buildup

Leaving grills running in small spaces and not ventilating fuel-burning appliances, such as furnaces, properly can lead to carbon monoxide accumulation.

Many safety hazards in the home may not be seen, and threats due to CO buildup fit this category best. Since being colorless and odorless, CO poisoning can go undetected.

Thus, you have to be vigilant during colder months, when home heating runs longer. You may confirm your possessions, such as your car, are not in the turned-on condition in a confined space, which can result in CO accretion from fumes.

Professionals recommend installing a CO detector and ensuring adequate ventilation in your living space to keep your home protected from the ill effects of CO.

Look for Potential Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos has toxins that can impact your health adversely. You can check for symptoms, such as persistent chest issues, including shortness of breath and a dry cough.

Reputed consultants advise sealing or covering the asbestos material. You can use a sealant to bind the material or place something over it to prevent asbestos fibers from releasing. You may also go for safer alternatives to replace the mineral, such as polyurethane foam, to avoid further asbestos exposure.  If somehow you can't get professionals to get it checked, you can get some asbestos test kit in California to do it yourself.

Look for Traces of Mold

Molds are toxigenic, hazardous to your health, even leading to memory loss and pulmonary hemorrhaging if you don't detect and tackle them quickly.

You can be cautious by checking your home regularly for areas where there is moisture, and as molds can live on wood, and drywall, you may scrutinize them as well.

According to leading specialists, keeping rooms well-ventilated and using a dehumidifier to keep humidity-prone spaces below 50% can surely curb the harmful effects of molds.

Consult a Reputed Expert

Discuss the safety hazards at your home with an experienced realty professional. While you can completely prevent them, your house will remain safe, thus ensuring it maintains its high value on the market.