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Keep Your Kids Safe In The Backyard Pool With These 7 Tips

Kids are super interesting and exciting. They are always full of the purest form of energy and spread their positivity selflessly. However, their curiosity and playfulness can sometimes be dangerous and get them in trouble. For instance, we all enjoy spending hot summer days by the pool, and so do children. In fact, their favorite time is the time spent by the pool. However, you need to be cautious when letting them anywhere near the pool, especially if they are not good swimmers. So, we have prepared a shortlist of tips to help keep your children safe by the pool.

Install the Fence Around the Pool

Pool fences have proven to be completely practical barriers, and these fences should be at least four feet high. In addition, the fence will be effective only if it surrounds all sides of the pool and has self-latching and self-closing gates. Also, you need to make sure that the latches are above your child’s reach. To that end, you can look for more information here and see how these fences look and how effective they are. In case you are worried about the fence destroying the aesthetics of your pool, worry not.

Beautiful, glass fences will only add to the aesthetic value of the entire space and will keep your children safe at the same time. Besides, the fence will keep the pool area separated from the rest of your backyard, where your children can safely play without the risk of falling in the water.


Make Swimming Classes Your Everyday Routine

One of the best ways to avoid pool accidents and potentially risky situations is to teach your children how to swim. Moreover, swimming is considered one of the essential survival abilities, and this knowledge can help your children prevent drowning or even save lives. In reference to this, there is some research indicating that drowning is the leading cause of death among children between the ages of one and four. So, it is of the utmost importance to invest some time and effort into teaching your child how to swim.

Furthermore, you yourself need to know how to swim so you can take the responsibility of taking your child into the water.

Monitor the Behavior of Your Children Around the Pool

In most cases, all pool accidents occur as the result of running, skateboarding, bicycling around the pool, etc. It is only a matter of seconds before someone ends up in the water. So, keeping all these activities away from the pool is the best way to prevent this type of accident.

Supervise Your Children When in Pool

The best prevention measure for pool accidents is definitely supervision. This means that you need to actively supervise your children while being in the pool or playing nearby. In addition, this also means that you should not multitask when supervising your children or someone else’s children. So, you should not sunbathe, text, nap, or do any other type of activity while actively supervising them.

How About Learning CPR?

Prevention is the key measure. The main aim of knowing this skill is to never get into a situation to actually use it. Yet, if you have a swimming pool in your home and children who like playing around in it, this skill is an essential life-saving technique you can master. No matter if you will ever need this skill or not, it is among the mandatory ones you need to learn during your lifetime.

Appropriate Safety Features

Safety features play a crucial role in keeping your swimming pool a nice and fun place for everyone to enjoy. Truth to be said, pools pose a risky place for every single person of whatever age they are. These safety features are useful for all family members, not only for children. To this end, pool alarms, anti-entrapment drain covers, appropriate life-saving equipment, and gate alarms will make great choices in keeping your family safe.

Set the Rules

You need to have authority and know how to act. So, after setting a pack of iron-clad rules, you need to stick to them and be consistent. Your pack of rules needs to include these as well:
  • No one swims alone. You swim only with your siblings and parents nearby.
  • No running around the pool.
  • No diving in the pool without parents.
  • No glass around the pool.
  • No mobile phones around the pool.

Keeping your children safe is a serious task, and you need to know how to behave so their childhood is not ruined but still remains safe. There is no doubt that the swimming pool is their favorite activity, so teaching them how to swim and you educating yourself on how to teach them is a crucial thing to do.