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Simple Ways To Secure Your New Home

Decorating your brand-new home is almost likely going to be a more fun experience than putting in place safety measures. However, given that a home invasion takes place once every thirty seconds, making one's residence as secure as possible ought to be one's highest concern. We have developed a list of some simple things that you should do right immediately to secure the safety of your new home so that you can get back to doing the things that you enjoy doing as soon as possible.

Check that all of the doors and windows are locked securely.

Do not make it simpler for a burglar to enter through the front door like 34% of people do, which is a common mistake. Verify that all of your exterior doors have robust door frames, that the hinges are covered, and that any mail slots, if any of the doors have them, cannot be reached through to unlock the door.

If you are moving into a property that was previously occupied by another family or individual, you should change the locks on the doors. Because of this, you will not have to be concerned about strangers in your neighbourhood carrying a key to your house while they stroll around the neighbourhood. You will also have the ability to ensure that your locks are among the most modern and sophisticated that are currently on the market.

Because sliding doors are such an easy target for burglars, you really must take precautions to guarantee that yours are safe. If you want to stop someone from forcibly opening the door, you can use something as basic as a window bar or a dowel pushed into the track of the door. For a system on the cutting edge of technology, add a sensor for the door or one that detects broken glass. In the event that the glass door is shattered or tampered with in any other manner, these will activate an alarm and drive away any possible thieves.

Remember not to overlook the garage.

It is becoming increasingly likely that criminals may break into your home via this particular point of entry. To prevent that you need to have a good and secured garage door which you can get at garage door spring repair in Chicago, and you should also invest in installing a security system, motion detectors, or cameras to protect yourself and your family against any potential criminals. If you have an attached garage, make sure to include it in your list of safety measures. You can also take some extra precautions like using a remote lock which will send you a notification if someone is trying to open your garage door without permission or adding motion sensor lights around the perimeter of the garage. And even if criminals are unable to access your home, there is a good chance that you have a lot of expensive things stored in your garage. Also, always remember to lock all of the garage doors, including the ones that lead inside and the ones that lead outside. This is an important safety measure. If the door has any flaws, you should have a professional garage door repair contractor inspect it and fix it if necessary.

Close and lock the windows.

Windows are "a common entry point for criminals" and if the previous owners were concerned about privacy, they may have closed the windows but not locked them. If this was the case, the window might have been left open. Additionally, the locks that the manufacturer instals on the windows are not always reliable, and in other instances, they are just plain flimsy. This is because the manufacturer uses cheap materials.

If you do not like the appearance of your window latches, you can enhance the security of your windows by installing aftermarket window locks or key-operated levers. This will allow you to change the way your window latches work.

Create some illumination in the surrounding area.

Criminals of any kind, including vandals, burglars, and others, abhor being exposed in the public eye for their nefarious acts. You can deter them from approaching if you illuminate the outdoors in significant amounts with light. Install lighting in your front and back yards, adjacent to the garage and any other exterior structures, along walks, and in any other areas that require illumination. You will not only make possible intruders nervous, but you will also lower the risk of tripping and falling as you are climbing the front steps.

Eliminate any potential hiding places for individuals.

The exterior of your property may seem better if you have trees and plants, but these features also make it easier for would-be burglars to conceal themselves and their activities. Reduce the size of any bushes or trees in the near area of your home that could be used as cover by cutting them back. Instead, go with flowers and plants that are on the more diminutive side in size. Either remove any trees that are growing too close to windows by cutting them down, or place additional locks on those windows if you already have them.