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5 Home Trends to Embrace This Year

When it comes to decorating your home, there are a few things to consider, like your budget, the size of the space you’re working with, and of course, your design aesthetic and taste too. Decorating a home can be a long process, especially if you don’t have much experience in doing so; after all, you’re going to have to live with your choices for a long time. However, getting an insight into the design trends can help. So, let’s dive in.

Colour Watch

The current colour trends tend to fit into one of two categories, and, of course, these categories are opposites. First, there are the neutral, muted and calming colours which have links to minimalism and the idea of a zen aesthetic. These colours are meant to be more calming for the inhabitants, and because they are neutral, they do tend to age well, and they go with a lot of other design aesthetics.

There is also an increasingly popular bright colour trend. This is probably due to the 70s-style resurgence. More and more people are decorating their homes with these bright, clashing colours, and the effect can be incredibly joyful and energetic. However, as the trends move on, these colours could end up feeling more dated.

Multifunction & Room Dividers

All design trends at the minute are geared towards multi-purpose spaces within the home. Open plan reigned supreme for a long time, but today, movable shelving, screens or other room dividers are being utilised to make sure that there are enough functional spaces.

They can also help to increase the levels of privacy, limit distractions and ensure that you can get the peace and quiet that you want. For example, your large, spacious living room can be split up to make room for a home office, reading nook or small yoga studio.


Carpets have had their heyday; they are out, and wood and tiles are in. Natural textures are having a moment; this means natural wood flooring, or if you’re on a budget, laminate or linoleum, which mimics those textures. Tiles are also seeing an increase in popularity. Homeowners are ripping up the carpet and finding the original flooring; instead of covering them over again, they are lovingly restoring them, which is perhaps why we are seeing this trend.


There are a number of garden trends that can help to transform your garden. Vertical gardening has seen a huge surge in popularity, especially where space is limited. Wild gardening is also popular because it is pretty low maintenance, and it is also great for the local bee population. Gardens are becoming less structured, and a lot of people are leaning into a more relaxed feel, with mismatched pots and a variety of plant colours and textures.

People are also beginning to utilise their gardens more; it offers a great opportunity to expand your living space without committing to long, loud building work. You could choose to construct a cabin or summer house if you have the space to do so. If your garden is a little smaller or you want to make the space uninterrupted from the inside outside, then you could look into awnings, Nationwide have a huge range to choose from, and you will be advised on the best options for you after you book your free consultation.

The final popular garden trend is the installation of a home bar. Garden bars have been steadily increasing in popularity for the last few years. It can really ramp up your garden parties and offer you more opportunities when it comes to hosting. Garden bars often work alongside the awning, cabin, summer house trend too.

Smart Appliances

The final trend that should consider this year is smart home appliances. Technology has advanced, and these trends can make life easier for you. Smart home technology is on the rise, and it can all be integrated pretty easily. For example, there is smart lighting that you can control from your phone, turning it on and off, setting timers, changing the colour or dimming the lights.

There is also smart heating; you can control your heating and hot water through an app on the phone. You don’t even have to be in the house to turn it on. If it is a particularly cold day, you could set it to come on an hour before you get home so that the house is nice and warm before you get back.

There are also smart locks; you can gain entry to your property without a key. There are also doorbell cameras or other home cameras that allow you to tune in from your smartphone to check what’s going on at your home while you aren’t there. It can be great for receiving deliveries while you aren’t in the house; a lot of people use internal cameras to monitor pets.

To Sum Up

There are a few décor choices that can make your home more attractive to potential buyers in the future, but realistically, this isn’t necessarily what you should be considering when it comes to decorating your home. Instead, you should put much more credence into your own tastes because you are the one that will have to live with them after all. Your home is your space; you get to truly express yourself, so take advantage.