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How To Bring More Water Elements Into Your Home And Refresh The Energy

Water, fire, earth, metal, and wood make up the five elements in feng shui. This is a common concept found in Chinese astronomy, medicine, and many other elements of Chinese tradition. Each element has unique characteristics and interacts with the other elements in a certain way. Generally, the nature of each element is quite predictable, and how it will interact with other elements is also well understood.

Different elements are naturally better suited to different things. When it comes to your home, water is easily the best element to have. Water is associated with fluidity, calmness, tranquility, shapelessness, and life. The purpose of having this element in your home is to bring the characteristics of this element to life in your home. This is how you can go about bringing the nature of water into your home.


The easiest way to do this is to have more of the element in your home. While we all have access to water in our house, having water specifically for the value of this element is something different. If you don’t already have one, consider installing a fountain to bring live flowing water into your home. The fountain doesn’t have to be inside the home specifically. Having a fountain in the garden or on the patio is fine as well.

The focus is to have a source of water that has fresh water flowing through it. The kind of fountain you choose, the shape and size are all up to your personal preference. If you are setting it up outside, treat the water so that insects such as mosquitoes don’t infect the water and turn it into a health hazard.


Each element also has a color associated with it. In the case of water, this is the color black. Another easy fix that you can do is to try and increase the amount of black in your home. One of the most popular modifications for this purpose is to paint the main door to the home black. If you have a gate as well, then paint the door and the gate.

This helps to make the nature of the element more prominent in the entire house and promotes the growth of positive qi on the property. The location of the door in the house also has different implications, but in general, having a black front door will always be helpful.


When we think of water, we think of fish. The great thing about fish is that they are extremely easy to maintain, and they live in water. According to the experts at Aquarium Life you can easily have multiple different species of fish in a single aquarium as long as they are compatible and the aquarium is large enough to accommodate them all. Some fish can live for many years, even decades, so this will be a pet that you will have around for quite a while.

They never speak or produce any sound, but they have a lot of personality and character. Over time you will easily recognize each individual fish and learn how it behaves. The fact that they also always need fresh water will positively impact your home as there will also be a body of freshwater around.


Water is also known for reflections, so having reflective surfaces around the house can also be helpful. Mirrors can be very decorative and functional at the same time. If you have space in your rooms, you can install mirrors there, or if you have space in the lounge, you can install a larger mirror there.

There is no right amount of mirrors or size of mirrors that you should use. The aim is to have as many reflective surfaces in the house as possible. Ideally, these should be clear mirrors and not tinted ones. Keep the mirrors nice and shiny to keep the qi flowing through them with maximum strength. You can also decorate the exterior of the house with mirrors if you like.

Another good strategy is to have images of water in your home or images of things that are associated with the water element and its associated things. For instance, a painting of a flowing river, a picture of a dark night, or an image of the sea or the ocean will be helpful. The idea is to decorate the home with all things associated with a certain element to positively impact that element in the home. You can choose to do this in any way you like. More importantly, when you see these things around your home, be sure to practice mindfulness and ask the universe for the positive traits that you deserve.