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How to Create a Welcoming Guest Bedroom on a Budget

Do you have a spare bedroom in your home that you’d like to transform into the ultimate guest bedroom? Do you want to ensure your guests feel welcome and comfortable while they stay with you, thereby ensuring they have a positive experience? A guest bedroom is a fabulous addition to any home and won’t go to waste but pulling one together on a budget can be tricky. You’ll need to make thoughtful decisions so you can stretch the budget as far as possible. If you’re wondering how to create a welcoming guest bedroom on a budget, let these tips guide you through the process.  Additionally, you'll want to check out this bedroom décor guide to create a stylish and comfortable bedroom

Ensure Their Sleep Is Comfortable

One of the most important features in the guestroom is the bed. You want your guests to be comfortable so that they have a good night’s sleep. There is nothing worse than staying at someone’s house only to find you’re stuck with the lumpy, hard, or unsupportive mattress. Waking up the next morning will be painful, to say the least. If the mattress in your guestroom is getting old or wasn’t good quality from the get-go, then it’s time to upgrade. You can narrow down your options by doing some online research. In this Best Mattress buying guide, you will find the key pieces of information to watch for no matter the budget.

Painting Is the Most Cost-Effective Décor Tip

A great way to transform the space is by painting the room a fabulous new color. Paint is just about the most cost-effective design tip out there, as it provides maximum impact at a low cost. While mulling over different colors, keep in mind what the purpose of the room is. Guests need to feel relaxed and comfortable in the room, so it’s typically best to pick soft, neutral or cool-leaning shades. Once you pick the paint color it will dictate the items you choose for the rest of the room as you want the design to flow and feel cohesive.

Hang Some Wall Art

To give the room a little personality, it's a good idea to hang some wall art. Because art can be pretty expensive, you may want to choose DIY artwork. Why not head out on an adventure and take some nature photos, architectural photos or any other style of photo that you can then enlarge and frame? Another way to find wall art on a budget is to visit yard sales or thrift stores and search for art that speaks to you that you can re-frame. By placing it in a fresh new frame you’ll completely transform the look of the art.


Choose Plush and Soft Fabrics

While you may not have the kind of budget to invest in top-quality bedding, you can still find some great pieces. Rather than get caught up in the thread count, choose fabrics that feel soft and plush to the touch and that are breathable. These aren’t always the most expensive, but they will feel great against the body. Bedding also tends to go on sale at various times throughout the year, so this is the time to snap it up.

Provide Ample Storage

Sometimes you’ll have a guest that stays longer than one night and for that reason, you want to provide them with ample storage. If the space and configuration of the room allow, provide your guests with a dresser and closet so they can unpack and feel more at home.

Using all of these tips will allow you to create the kind of guest room that makes family and friends feel at ease and comfortable. A guest room shouldn’t be lacking in personality or style and there’s no reason a tight budget needs to hold you back.