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Top 5 skin cosmetic products every woman should have in her kit

Some girls believe that “there is never too much cosmetics”, while others use a minimum of products for daily makeup or do not paint at all. But no matter which category you fall into, there is a basic list of decorative products that you would like to add to your makeup bag each. Situations with us are different: from a spontaneous evening karaoke with girlfriends to an unexpected date (“I was passing by here, I’ll drop by in 10 minutes”). We are talking about those situations when any girl wants to look at all 100 or even 150. And small decorative tricks can help this.

However, first I would like to recall the main rule: the basis of beautiful makeup is competent care. Yes, almost any flaws can be disguised with proper skill. But it is better to try to simply prevent their occurrence, paying the necessary attention to the daily care of yourself and your skin.

Basic rules for daily skin care:

  1. Cleansing (preferably two-stage: micellar water + foam / gel / mousse).
  2. Toning.
  3. Nutrition and hydration (cream or gel).
  4. Protection (application of funds with SPF) - this stage can be combined with the previous one

The basic set of cosmetics for skin


Any make-up begins with a foundation - an even tone of the face. The choice of foundation directly depends on the condition of your skin and the purpose of the product.

It is advisable to have two products in your arsenal - with a dense coating and a lighter version. The first is necessary in situations where you want to achieve the perfect tone. For example, such a tool is useful for preparing for a photo shoot or for an evening look.

Also, a dense tonal tool will help to better hide imperfections. Daily use of a dense tone can cause clogged pores and increase inflammation. To minimize the risks, look for a foundation labeled "non-comedogenic".

A more preferred option for every day is a light tonal remedy. Especially during the summer season. In this case, you should give preference to BB or CC cream. The advantages of this solution: additional care properties, ease of application, no feeling of a mask on the face. Napoleon Perdis products allow the skin to breathe. But a light tone, of course, cannot disguise serious imperfections, and it cannot cope with strong fat content.

Before applying the tone, the skin must be properly prepared. Here again, everything depends on its type, existing (or not) problems and the desired stability of the result.

In normal cases, and for a normal skin type, it is enough to apply your favorite skin care product - cream / gel / serum under the foundation.

However, in cases where it is required to create a daily make-up of special durability or in the presence of pronounced problems, a professional base (primer) can be used.

A special matting base is especially recommended for oily skin. This product slows down the sebaceous glands. As a result, makeup is guaranteed not to “float” during the day. However, with daily use, such a base can clog pores, which leads to inflammation.

If you suffer from enlarged pores, a silicone makeup base will do. It perfectly smoothes the relief of the skin, literally “blurs” it in reality. Silicone bases are loved by makeup artists - this is an excellent basis for a lasting make-up. However, in ordinary life, again, it can cause blockage of pores.

Also, special color bases will help to correct skin tone - dull, "gray", "jaundice" or redness.

Correction of imperfections - concealer

This product is applied locally to problem areas and gives a fairly dense coverage. Helps hide breakouts and dark circles under the eyes. A good concealer is an absolute must-have if you opt for a light foundation.

If possible, it is better to add a whole palette of concealers to your cosmetic bag for different tasks. Usually, such a palette includes means of different colors to mask various defects. For example, green concealer - to mask redness. Also, this palette may include concealers of dark shades of beige, which, if necessary, can be used as sculptors.

Another tip - get a tool with a fairly stable formula.


Many girls underestimate this product, but the blush in your cosmetic bag is absolutely necessary for you! Nothing brightens up your look like blush. It's practically magic! The main thing is to correctly choose the shade so that the picture “Marfushenka-darling” does not turn out. Focus on the color of your natural blush. Doubt your choice? Makeup artists believe that a peach shade suits everyone.

Blush comes in a variety of textures - cream and dry. Cream is a more versatile product. Can be used for lips and even eyelids. They are applied with fingers or a sponge, however, beginners may have difficulty blending them.

Dry - the product is more familiar, applied with a brush.

Radiance - bronzer / highlighter

This type of decorative cosmetics is optional.

nym in a basic cosmetic bag. However, these products have a number of advantages that simply cannot be ignored! Bronzer is literally indispensable in spring and summer to give pale, and sometimes frankly “gray” skin after winter “warmth”, radiance and a slight tan.

Bronzers come in a variety of textures: powder, cream, gel, stick, fluid... For dry and normal skin, we recommend choosing cream or liquid products. For girls with oily skin, powder products are ideal. They should also be preferred if you are new to makeup.

For the basic set, you should not buy too pigmented and bright bronzer. It should be darker than the skin tone by a maximum of two tones. If the bronzer is well chosen, it can also be used for light contouring - non-touring.

Highlighter is another product that allows you to delicately model your face with soft highlights. This technique - strobing - has won the recognition of the most eminent makeup artists in the world. In addition, the highlighter helps to hide fine wrinkles.

Fixing makeup - powder

Powder fixes liquid and creamy textures (tone, concealer, blush) on the face. In addition, it provides a mattifying effect, which is very important for oily skin.

The texture of the product can be either very light, veily, or more dense. Loose powder can be used for daily makeup. It gives a thin, almost translucent layer and does not weigh down makeup. This option is especially good for summer. However, there is a minus - loose powder is inconvenient to take with you. It is applied with a brush or a special puff, which also makes this product not the most comfortable to use on the run. If you have to touch up your make-up frequently during the day or travel, we recommend adding compact powder to your set. You can combine these two solutions: loose powder - for home, compact - for travel.