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Top 8 items to put in sports bag for swimming

To go to the pool, you should make a list of things in advance and collect accessories from it. Why, you ask, because it is already clear what you need to visit. Not so simple. Our advice - do not rely on your memory, organize everything so that there is not the slightest possibility of forgetting the essentials for the pool at home. After all, you must admit it will be very disappointing if you in a hurry forget, for example, a shift, but take a body cream.

It is much easier to purchase a special sports bag with which you will visit the wellness center and make a list of things at once. A compiled list is best kept in the pocket of your bag. Things prepared for swimming, neatly folded, will wait in the wings, and after the pool, all that remains is to dry them and return them to the bag. In the future, we recommend that you do not forget to grab a sports bag and be on time for classes.

So what should you put on the list:

1 - A swimsuit and swimming trunks

First on the list of things should be a swimsuit for women or swimming trunks for men. Which to choose? It should be one-piece, athletic, not restricting movement, suitable in size. A swimsuit that is too open, for example, a bikini or with rhinestones, massive jewelry, is not suitable for swimming. It's more like a beach resort. If you want a two-piece swimsuit, choose a tankini, it is especially suitable for women with curvaceous figures. A tankini is a swimsuit consisting of an elongated top and bottoms.

Swimwear is made from lycra, polyamide or microfiber. The main thing is that they should be soft, pleasant to the body, not prickly, without hard threads and inserts. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable for you to study, you will not be able to concentrate on the lesson.

Swimming trunks for men should not be Bermuda shorts, not shorts with a mesh sewn inside, they are more suitable for the beach, namely sportswear made of elastic material. For swimming, men need regular swimming trunks. They come with a wide or thinner side. It is especially recommended to pay attention to hydro shorts. This is the latest development in the field of sportswear. They are made of fabric with a water-repellent coating containing carbon. Wetsuits are longer than regular sports bottoms, fit tightly around the thigh and end slightly above the knee, and have a reinforced waistband.

2 - Swimming cap

A swimming cap is the second most important bathing accessory. It is made from different fabrics, but its purpose is the same - to protect the hair from getting wet and exposed to reagents and to prevent contamination of the pool drain with hair.

Swimming caps can be:

  • Rubber;
  • Textile (fabric);
  • Containing silicone;
  • From combined materials.

How to choose? For water aerobics and those sports where you do not actively dive underwater, do not dive, light rubber or fabric will do. The main thing is that it does not tighten the head, does not constrain the movements of the head, and protects it from water.

Modern textile caps have fashionable colors, are treated with a special composition and do not get wet, you can also use a cap with adjustable clasp. Another advantage of a textile cap is that it is easier than others to put on dry hair.

3 - Hygiene accessories

According to the rules for visiting the pool, you must take a shower with detergents before and after swimming. This will allow you to wash off cosmetics, creams and lotions that will not fall into the water. It is also forbidden to bring anything in a glass container, for example, do not take shower gel in glass with you. Your shower gel or soap shouldn't have a strong scent. This may cause allergic reactions in other visitors.

When choosing between soap and gel, choose a shower gel that includes additives that moisturize the skin. This is very true after chlorinated pool water.

4 - Pool shoes

Change of shoes is required at almost all public swimming pools. Shoes must be open-toed, can be showered in, and dry quickly if water gets in. As a change, slates or flip-flops, rubberized sandals with a fixed heel for children are suitable. Such shoes will protect against fungal diseases, and non-slip soles - from falling.

We recommend choosing slide shoes that will stand out from the rest, in this case you can leave it near the stairs to descend into the water and take your pair when leaving the pool.

5 - Towel

Choose the material from which the towel is made according to how well it absorbs water, it should be of medium density. It can be high-quality microfiber, terry cloth.

6 - Skin cream or lotion

The water in the pool is mainly cleaned with chemicals, and therefore, after taking a shower, rub yourself with a towel and moisturize your skin with a cream or lotion for your skin type.

7 - Sports bag

It is better to immediately choose a specific bag for the pool, it is important that everything fits in it, and it has a comfortable handle and preferably several compartments. Provide a bag inside in which to put your wet things.

8 - Glasses

They protect your eyes from chlorine and allow you to see underwater. How to choose? If you are a beginner, then the so-called starting points will suit you. You can do without glasses, but it is better to go diving in water with them.

The set for a child is the same as for an adult, however, after swimming, children may want to drink water or have a snack, so do not forget to bring a bottle of water or juice and a sandwich with you to the pool. If your child is attending a scuba diving group, it is important for them not to leave their personal equipment, such as fins, goggles and snorkel.