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Basic women's wardrobe · Top Essentials

You look at some women and wonder how you can look so elegant in any situation? Does everyone have a mini-boutique instead of a wardrobe, and fashion stylists create a daily look? Of course not! But such ladies know exactly about the basic wardrobe. Let's find out how, by spending a minimum of money, to create great images. Believe me, they will help you out for more than one year!

The secret of the basic wardrobe is that a few simple pieces become the basis for many outfits. Learn to treat clothes like music: combine pure notes into beautiful melodies.

Business suit: for work, as for a holiday

Even if you do not work in the office, a business suit will become a lifesaver for you! Let's talk about the pantsuit. Color - classic, discreet. Grey, brown, black or navy blue will work well.

By combining this attire with different blouses, shoes and accessories, you can create some great looks:

  1. Suit + strict blouse + pumps. Standard option for business meetings and everyday work. You can complement the bow with an original brooch, a string of pearls or a scarf;
  2. Suit + light plain T-shirt + moccasins or ballet flats. A good option for informal holidays, concerts, trips to cafes;
  3. A jacket from a suit (especially an elongated one) goes chic with jeans. It will turn out a perfect outfit for romantic evenings and walks with girlfriends. You can add a bright handbag and jewelry.

We do not ignore the quality of the fabric. It should be expensive, good quality material of a noble color. The point here is not so much the cost of the fabric, but the fact that cheap material will not be able to hold the silhouette, it will stretch and shine in the most inappropriate places.

The main rules for choosing a shirt

It is logical that the next, after the suit, the element of the basic wardrobe of a stylish woman will be a shirt. First of all, buy a light-colored men's blouse made from natural materials: cotton, chiffon, silk. No fancy details, roses and deep cuts.

Warming up: jumper, sweater or jacket?

Large-knitted things are not only comfortable - they have some special charm. It doesn't matter if it's handmade or machine-made. Choose not fitted models, but 2-3 sizes larger: it always looks fashionable, and you can wear something under the bottom in case of severe frosts.

Knitwear goes well with any trousers. It is appropriate at the workplace, on a walk, on a business trip. There is an opportunity to throw out your imagination, color addiction. We offer several impressive images:

Oversized cream sweater with a high collar + skinny jeans or leggings and Long Boots. A great option for a sports walk;

Jeans: Best Buying Tips

Here it is, the trend of modern fashion. 50 years ago, in the basic configuration of a women's wardrobe, even such a name could not be. And now, where without jeans! To learn how to create a basic wardrobe, you need to remember 3 rules for choosing the perfect jeans:

  1. Thick material and high quality seams. Good jeans, even with regular wear, will last at least five years.
  2. Medium or high rise, straight fit and no holes! It is undesirable for anyone who strives to become a “lady of perfection” to expose a bare lower back and knees.
  3. Colours: indigo, dark blue or black. Only in such jeans you will be normally perceived in the office, at the event.

Pick the right pair of jeans for your body shape and you will always have a backup plan. Add a trendy shirt, black leather boots and a grunge style jacket and you will look amazing!

The main guide to choosing a T-shirt

Well, where without a T-shirt, of course. The most natural and versatile is the straight-cut white model. Stylish, fresh and does not shed. Can be combined with a jacket, cardigan, any scarves and scarves. It is better to have several of these T-shirts in stock: for sports, for every day and for special occasions.

T-shirts with prints and patterns are strictly not suitable. The neckline is best round or v-shaped.

One skirt for all occasions

The skirt is a truly feminine attribute of the wardrobe. And now we will reveal a secret trick: what kind of skirt will suit all ladies, regardless of age and shape?

Immediately discard the mini, maxi, flared and pleated. These are all, of course, good options, but it is quite possible to do without them. Nowhere and in 20, and for 60 years only without one model - a pencil skirt. To work, with friends, to a club or on a romantic date: wherever you are going, it will always look appropriate and emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Before buying, we again recall the list of properties of a high-quality model:

  • Thick fabric;
  • Lack of prints and sequins;
  • Calm tone. Let's say - gray, denim, chocolate;
  • High rise and decent length.


Last but not least, adding a touch of sparkle to your outfit is a great final piece to pull everything together.  You can easily showcase your unique style with jewelry, such as with this special hug ring.

Hope that this guide will help you to choose the base wardrobe and never feel like you have nothing to wear.