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6 Postpartum Recovery Tips

Postpartum recovery is different for everyone and depends on a huge range of factors. Your recovery will depend on how comfortable your pregnancy was, as well as the birth itself and how it has all affected your body. But it will also depend on your health and fitness beforehand, your support network, and even how well your baby sleeps.

Some new moms seem to bounce back to normal almost straight away, whereas others can struggle to feel themselves, both physically and mentally for a long time. Recovery can even vary from birth to birth. The same woman might have a completely different recovery timeline with her second childbirth than she did with the first.

There’s certainly no set timeline for these things. We’re all different, and pregnancy and childbirth are different for everyone. They put a huge strain on our bodies, and there’s no way to know how it might affect us. But there are somethings that you can do to aid your recovery. Here are some of the best postpartum recovery tips to help you to find your feet again after childbirth.

Prioritize Your Mental Health

Your mental health takes a huge hit after the birth of your child. It’s a massive change to your life, there’s a lot to learn, lots to worry about, and it’s really no surprise that postpartum depression is so common. When it comes to your recovery, you need to prioritize your mental health.

Expect Baby Blues – But Know When It’s More

Most new moms suffer from what is commonly known as the baby blues. It’s often due to a lack of sleep, stress, and hormone changes, and it’s totally normal to feel teary. But if you feel constantly down, you struggle to take any enjoyment from life or you don’t feel comfortable with your baby, it might be something more and you should get help.

Conquer the baby blues by finding time for self-care (even if it’s a quick soak in the bath), speaking to friends, and taking the time to do things for yourself, away from being a mom.

Exercise Safely

Check with your midwife about when and how you should exercise, but try to get back into light exercise, like taking the pram for a walk as soon as you can.


Eat Plenty of the Right Things

However you are feeding your baby, sleepless nights, stress, and constantly caring for another person will mean that you are hungry and exhausted and need to eat plenty of energy-boosting foods.

Establish Body Skincare Routine

Taking the time to prioritize your body's well-being during the postpartum period can turn out to be an essential part of your recovery process. Establishing a body skincare routine can help reduce areas of discomfort, prevent infection, and maintain skin health during the crucial postpartum period. For new mothers looking to recover after birth, brand Evertone offers a comprehensive skincare routine that is geared specifically toward postpartum recovery.

Get Some Rest

Resting when you’ve got a baby at home isn’t easy, but it’s important for your recovery. Sleeping when your baby sleeps is the standard advice, but anyone that’s ever had a baby knows that this isn’t always possible. However, you should try your best to at least rest. If you are having trouble sleeping, or even getting comfortable enough to rest during those long nighttime feeds, an adjustable bed could be useful in providing a more comfortable night’s sleep. Soft bedding, supportive pillows, and a cool bedroom can also help.

Then try to nap when you can. Even a 10-minute doze can be powerful when it comes to boosting your mood and energy levels and aiding your recovery.


Go Easy on Yourself

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get dressed some days. Nothing bad will happen if you don’t shower once. No one will care if you don’t vacuum for a while. Relax your standards and give yourself a break.

Attend Appointments

Follow-up appointments are important. Even appointments for your baby are a chance for you to ask professionals about any concerns that you might have about your recovery.

Try to remember that we’re all different. Our bodies are different, our babies are different and so, our recoveries are different. Speak to a healthcare professional if at any point you are worried about your recovery but try not to compare yourself to other women too much.