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Find Out How to Become a Pastry Chef if You're in College

You may think that becoming a pastry chef is all about making pastries, but the role goes far beyond this. You may have a passion for pastry, but you will also need a variety of technical and administrative skills if you plan to be a pastry chef. You will need to work with suppliers, manage a budget and maintain strict health standards in your kitchen. This is why a combination of education and hands-on experience is often best.

What education do you need?

Formal training isn’t essential to becoming a pastry chef, but taking classes at a community college or culinary school can make a difference. You may even decide to do a bachelor’s degree. You can study nutrition, food preparation, culinary management, food safety and much more. Your coursework will be heavier if you do a bachelor’s degree, but it will probably give you more opportunities to progress in your career over the long term.

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Hands-on experience

If you desire to be the best pastry chef, you will obviously need hands-on experience. Seeking out an internship in a commercial kitchen for a few months while you’re studying could give you a good start. Some culinary schools offer apprenticeship programs as part of the degree requirement. Without enough hands-on experience, you won’t have all the skills you need to succeed. You need to put your knowledge into practice and learn from your mistakes if you aim to perfect your skills.

What area of culinary arts interests you most?

Pastry chefs work in many diverse industries such as hotels, bakeries, restaurants etc. If you are part of a large patisserie department in a restaurant or hotel, you start off as a commis pâtissier. You then become a chef de partie, a chef and finally an executive chef.

Once you have hands-on experience doing all kinds of tasks, you will have more idea about which of the culinary arts you want to pursue. If you decide you want to open a business making wedding cakes, you can then focus on building up your experience in this area. If you want to become a chocolatier, you need to learn tempering, ganache, coating, rolling and other techniques so you can make showpieces for special events.

Qualities you need to be a pastry chef

Creativity: You will need creativity to stay ahead of the competition. You will always be looking for the next source of inspiration to fuel your creativity. If you keep refining your skills and stretching creative boundaries, you will keep your customers coming back for more.

Physical fitness: You will often have to work long hours and inspire others to keep going. It requires a certain level of physical fitness to stand on your feet for long hours.

Motivation: You will need to face obstacles and deal with some difficult situations in the kitchen. Your level of motivation has to be high, and you need to be able to motivate others too.

Calmness under pressure: It is essential for a pastry chef to remain calm even when facing pressure. This is necessary in order to create a consistent experience for customers. A calm chef also creates the right kind of environment in the kitchen for staff.

Good hand-eye coordination: You will have to perform many intricate tasks, such as slicing dough paper-thin or adding tiny decorative details to cakes. To do this, you need good hand-eye coordination, and you can improve yours with practice.


If your passion is pastry, becoming a pastry chef may be a good career choice for you. You don’t need formal education, but it can help to give you knowledge in areas that are an essential part of the role. For example, you will have to manage staff, relate to suppliers and manage your budget. You will also need plenty of hands-on experience in a commercial kitchen. With hard work and persistence, it is possible to become a successful pastry chef.

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