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International Amigurumi Day!

Dear fellow amigurumi enthusiasts,

Guess what? Today, April 25th, is International Amigurumi Day!!  Last year marked the very first International Amigurumi Day, and it was the start to a wonderful, annual tradition that I know we'll uphold in this fun and friendly crochet community.  It's what we do best -- celebrate the amazing art of amigurumi! 馃帀馃帀馃帀

A partial collection of Sweet Softies' animal amigurumi designs, gathering for a photoshoot in celebration of last year's World Animal Day!

If you'd like to read about amigurumi, what this day is about, and how this day came to be, check out my very first International Amigurumi Day blog post from last year!

Read on to learn how to celebrate this day, and don't forget to check out my collection of free amigurumi designs over the course of this past year!

How is International Amigurumi Day celebrated?

Here are just a small handful of ideas!  Celebrate by...
  • Making amigurumi, whether through crocheting or knitting!  
  • Post a picture of your current amigurumi project, which can be a finished object or a work-in-progress (WIP)!
  • Post a picture of your favorite amigurumi project to date, or some of your other previous work that you absolutely love!
  • Use the tag #AmigurumiDay on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media!
  • Tag your favorite amigurumi artist or an amigurumi friend!

For amigurumi artists, you can join in on the fun by something extra if you so please!  Some ideas include celebrating by making a special post, creating a giveaway, giving a discount on a product, sharing your story with amigurumi, or even creating a free amigurumi pattern!

In other words, there are SO many things you can do, so feel free to celebrate your love and joy for amigurumi the way you like!

Sweet Softies' FREE Amigurumi Patterns

With all that being said, feel free to try my cute and FREE amigurumi patterns below!  These are all my recent designs released between last year's Amigurumi Day (4/25/2019) and this year.  Click here if you'd like to see ALL of the amigurumi patterns I've published throughout the years.


Thank you for reading and joining me in celebrating the start to this great tradition!

Happy crocheting as always!

With much love,