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Special Announcement!

Hello my fellow readers,

So, on a more personal note... I have some pretty exciting news to announce! 

It's news that I shared with my husband as well, but through a scavenger hunt.  You can check out his adventure below...

As you can see, I had him go through a series of clues.  Being a speech-language pathologist, I also had to make it rhyme, of course!

Here's the very first clue I had bestowed upon him...

The next clue was hidden beside those new, brown shoes.

Here, my husband had to text his friend (our marriage witness), whom I had previously given the vague clue, "Is it Friday Yet?" It's sort of an inside joke between my husband and me -- he really looked forward to Fridays (knowing it'd be the weekend soon after) and I had gotten him a mug with that line!  So for this one, he had to associate it with the mug and scout it out...

Beside the mug, I had hidden the next paper clue!


All he needed to do was to turn that mug upside-down to find the next clue!

After receiving a hug or kiss, I'd present him with his next clue.

And he goes off, looking for the oven...

After getting the last clue in the oven, he had to go to the mountain mural that we had painted in one of our rooms.  (It's actually a fun DIY project that I blogged about, if you want to check it out!)  

Beside the painted mountain mural, was a crib that we had set up.  I had placed an envelope inside of that crib.  

Open it...

Surprise!!  And there you have it... the pot of gold at the end of this ridiculous scavenger hunt.  

We took a photo together at the end to commemorate my husband's successful completion of the hunt. (And our special surprise as well!)

Here are all the clues, laid out in sequence! 

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed reading through our shenanigans!  As a first-time mom, I am incredibly grateful and excited to be given this blessing and can't wait to share more of my journey with you in the near future. 

Thank you for reading! Wishing you all well!!