Fairytale Mushroom & Acorn Boxes (Free Crochet Patterns)

by - April 29, 2020

Dear fellow crocheters,

To continue on the woodland, fairytale theme that I've started with my recent design, Pixie the Piper (free pattern), I decided to whip up a couple of cute keepsake boxes in the shape of a mushroom and acorn!  (There's also a third little surprise design...be sure to scroll down to see what it is!)

Here's Piper the Pixie perched atop the giant mushroom...

And here she is with the acorn box and a couple of other sweet things~ 

These two containers were crocheted using super bulky yarn and a 6.00mm crochet hook, making them so quick to work up!  The tops of the acorn and mushroom are of course removable lids, for you to store little things inside.

If desired, you can add eyes to your boxes to give them some personality!  Doesn't the Acorn Box look rather amiable and inviting?

What's really fun is that these two boxes are a good size to hide little things, including small amigurumi.  Who do you think is hiding here?

Oh, and look! He wanted to explore the pit of the acorn too!  I wonder if that long, pink tail hanging out the edge gives a bit more of a clue...

If you guessed a mouse, you are correct!  Here's a sleepy, little baby rodent who found a nice home in this mushroom.  I'll be sharing his pattern on my blog for free as well, so stay tuned for that!

It seems that this baby mouse equally enjoys his stay in the acorn, too!

I especially like this Mouse design because he comes with his own, little Moses basket and a leaf blanket.  It's so fun to place him snugly into his sleeping space and to tuck him in. 

So... there you have it!  A sneak peek at THREE free crochet patterns coming up on this blog!  I'll be working on getting the written patterns up soon, so be sure to check back if you'd like to make them too! 

Free Pattern Links: 

Thanks for reading, and hope you'll enjoy these new designs soon!  Piper wishes you a happy time crocheting! 

Warmest wishes,


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