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Acorn Box (Free Crochet Pattern)

Dear fellow crocheters,

For those of you who have an affinity for woodland fairytale themes, here's a cute keepsake box in the shape of an acorn!  What a sweet way to add some whimsy to your home, wouldn't you agree?


    It's a beginner-friendly pattern that can be whipped up in a jiffy with super bulky yarn and a large, 6mm crochet hook.  The top is - of course - a removable lid for you to store little treasures inside.  Buttons, beads, jewelry, you name it!  It's not only an easy stash buster project, but functional home decor as well because it works as a storage container!

    What's really fun is that this box is a good size to hide little things, including small amigurumi.  Who do you think is hiding here?

    If you've guessed a mouse, you got it!  Isn't this sleepy, little guy quite cute?  If you'd like to make him too, stay tuned for the free pattern!

    I'll have it out soon as "Baby Mouse in Moses Basket".  In addition to a Moses basket, the pattern will come with a snug, leaf blanket for you to wrap over your baby mouse!

    Baby Mouse in Moses Basket (Free Pattern coming soon!)

    Before I forget, the Acorn Box goes hand-in-hand with the Mushroom Box.  You'll probably want to make one too because it's also oh-so-cute!

    If you like this design of mine, you can check out the other free patterns that I share on my blog. You can also PIN it for later!

    PDF Pattern

    Scroll down for the free, written pattern instructions.  If you would like to download the beautifully-formatted, ad-free, and easy-to-read PDF version with photo references (see preview below), it's available for download in my shopRavelry, and Etsy.  Thank you for supporting Sweet Softies designs!

    Acorn Box

    Free Crochet Pattern

    Copyright Notice -- © 2020 Sweet Softies (www.sweetsofties.com). You have permission to sell finished products made from this pattern, but you must credit Sweet Softies as the owner/creator of this pattern by linking to my website (www.sweetsofties.com) or Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SweetSofties). No wholesale. You may not copy, alter, or sell my patterns in part or in whole in any way. My patterns may not be used in teaching online classes. My patterns may be used in teaching in-person classes ONLY with written consent from me. You may link to this pattern but you may not copy any part of the pattern instructions on other websites.

    Pattern Information


    The Acorn Box is a quick, easy, and super beginner-friendly project that can be whipped up in no time with super bulky yarn!  It’s a great stash buster that is cute and charming, and adds a sense of woodland whimsy to your home!  This décor is not only adorable, but functional as well.  It serves as a little storage container or basket with lid, and can hold little treasures that you have around the home.  Make this Acorn Box as a handmade gift for kids and adults alike, to sell at craft fairs, and more!

    • Height, not including stem: 3.5” (9 cm) 
    • Base Width: 3.5” (9 cm)

    • ★☆☆☆☆ Easy / Beginner
    • Requires familiarity with stitches used (below) and sewing pieces together.

    Stitches/Terms Used (US Terminology):
    • MR: magic ring 
    • Ch: chain 
    • Sl st: slip stitch 
    • Sc: single crochet 
    • Inc: increase 
    • Dec: decrease


    Crochet Instructions

    Acorn Top
    Use dark brown yarn.
    R1: In MR, sc 6. (6 sts)
    R2: Inc around. (12 sts)
    R3: (Sc, inc) x 6. (18 sts)
    R4: (Sc 2, inc) x 6. (24 sts)
    R5-R6: Sc around. (24 sts)
    R7: Sl st around. (24 sts)
    Fasten off and weave in the ends.

    Acorn Stem
    Use dark brown yarn.
    Ch 4, sl st in 2nd ch from hook. Sl st down the ch.
    Fasten off with a tail for sewing later.
    Acorn Bottom
    Use light brown yarn.
    R1: In MR, sc 6. (6 sts)
    R2: Inc around. (12 sts)
    R3: (Sc, inc) x 6. (18 sts)
    R4: (Sc 2, inc) x 6. (24 sts)
    R5-R6: Sc around. (24 sts)
    R7: (Sc 6, dec) x 3. (21 sts)
    R8: Sc around. (21 sts)
    R9: (Sc 5, dec) x 3. (18 sts)
    R10: Sc around. (18 sts)
    Sl st in next st, then fasten off and weave in the ends.

    Finishing Instructions

    1. Gather the three pieces you’ve crocheted: the acorn top, stem, and bottom.
    2. Sew the acorn stem to the center of the top, then fit it on the bottom.
    3. Optional: Attach 10mm plastic safety eyes to the Acorn Bottom and sew a mouth.

    And that's it!  Congratulations on finishing your Acorn Box!

    Thank you for reading, and hope you had a fun time crocheting this project!  If you'd like to help out my blog, feel free to check out my post, "5 Ways to Support my Blog!"

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    Best wishes,