Creator Challenge: Part 4 of 6

by - May 07, 2020

Dear fellow crocheters,

Welcome to Sweet Softies' third annual Creator Challengefeaturing Piper the Pixie!  She's the perfect amigurumi doll to make during this uniquely crazy, shelter-in-place time because she will surely bring some magic and smiles to your home!  If you haven't already, check out the INTRO PAGE for rules and important information about this Creator Challenge.

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Dress Collar & Wings

Pattern Notes:
  • The yarn color I used is put in parenthesis, but feel free to use whichever colors YOU wish! 
  • The full set of photo references is available in the PDF pattern file
  • UPDATE: I have also included an alternative version of the wings.  Instead of dragonfly-style wings, you can opt for Butterfly Fairy Wings below.

Let's Begin!

Use collar-colored yarn (white).
Ch 16. Insert 3 sc in 2nd ch from hook. (Sl st in next st, insert 3 sc in next st) around.
FO with a tail for sewing later.

Dragonfly-Style Wings: LARGE PIECES (x2)
Use wing-colored yarn (white).
R1: In MR, ch 3 and dc 12. (12 sts)
R2-R3: Ch 3, dc around. (12 sts)
R4: (Dc 4, dec) x 2. (10 sts)
R5: (Dc 3, dec) x 2. (8 sts)
FO with a long tail for sewing later.

Dragonfly-Style Wings: SMALL PIECES (x2)
Use wing-colored yarn (white).
R1: In MR, ch 3 and dc 9. (9 sts)
R2: Ch 3, dc around. (9 sts)
R3: Ch 3, dc 7, dec. (8 sts)
R4: Ch 3, dc 6, dec. (7 sts)
FO with a long tail for sewing later.

Large wings (left), small wings (right)

Wings will be arranged like such later on, with the two larger pieces on top and the smaller pieces on bottom. 

Instead of the dragonfly-style wings, you can use the Butterfly Fairy Wings for your pixie.

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PDF Pattern Available!
Want to get the full set of instructions right away? Want a printable, ad-free, and easy-to-read PDF file with photo references? Want to also get two bonus hair tutorials for making a "hair down" and "hair in a bun" variation for your pixie? If so, you can purchase the PDF file for a small fee. Thank you for supporting Sweet Softies!

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Timeline & Links for Piper's Pattern
Note: Links will be made available once the post date arrives (12:00am PST).
Piper's pattern will be FREE on my blog, but an ad-free printable PDF pattern with photo references is also available for purchase. (Thank you for supporting Sweet Softies!)

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Happy crafting!

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