5 Tips for Becoming a Better Knitter

by - May 19, 2020

There’s no denying that knitting is one of the most relaxing and fulfilling hobbies out there. But it’s not as if it’s all a bed of roses, oh no. While there’s plenty of potential when it comes to satisfaction and the like, it’s also true that it can be a little frustrating if your ambition is out of sync with your skill set. But if your knitting isn’t quite hitting your high standards, then fear not: below, we take a look at some tried and tested ways to become better.

Get Learning

It is possible to figure out knitting more or less by yourself, but you’ll make much slower progress compared to if you take the time to learn. There’s a wealth of information out there, from YouTube tutorials to blogs and books and even podcasts. You might find it counter-intuitive to learn using some of these methods, especially reading, but give it a go -- it’s not as confusing as you might think. You might just learn that you’ve been making a couple of simple errors that are holding your knitting back.

Staying Organized

As we said earlier, knitting can be calming and peaceful, but it’s not as if it’s inherently calming. If you’re trying to knit in a chaotic environment, then you’ll find it much more difficult to focus on the task at hand -- and it’ll show in the quality of your work. As such, one simple way to improve your knitting is to get yourself into a calm state of mind beforehand and to keep your working environment well-organized and peaceful. You can do this by getting baskets for your knitting supplies, which will help to prevent your working area from becoming too messy. A calming cup of tea and some relaxing music will also help you to get into the right frame of mind.

Play with Different Yarns

If you feel that you’ve reached a dead-end with your knitting, then look at mixing up the experience. Most beginner knitters just use one type of yarn, but there are plenty of different types available. It might be that you haven’t yet tried the one that will really bring your skills to the fore. Also, be aware that there can be a big difference in quality when it comes to yarn. Sometimes it’s worth spending a little more than normal. 

Upgrade Your Tools

They say you shouldn’t blame your tools...but sometimes they really do make a difference! That beginner kit may have gotten you started, but it may be better to upgrade to a better set at some point.

Check for Errors and Improve

You can’t expect to be the perfect knitter from the beginning. Indeed, you can’t hope to be a perfect knitter at any age, since it doesn’t exist! However, if you keep on plugging away, then you will see that you’re getting better. The key part is to check for any common errors that you’re making and then taking steps to put them beyond you.

I hope you've found this post to be helpful.  I wish you all the best on your knitting journey! 

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