Marshal from Animal Crossing (Crochet Pattern)

by - May 18, 2020

Disclaimer: Animal Crossing and its characters are owned by Nintendo.

Several weeks ago, I made an Animal Crossing post about Timmy Nook!  He was a lot of fun to design and make in yarny form!

Recently, my husband acquired a new neighbor on his island!  Marshal is his name.  Isn't he just adorable?

Here's a look at Marshal enjoying the sunny weather and a tasty sandwich beside an apple tree.  What a cutie!

Being the amigurumi enthusiast that I am, I decided to crochet this latest villager.  We were pretty stoked that he would decide to come join our island after all, so here's to honoring him!

He was definitely fun to make with all the parts.  His body came together with sewing involved, and some embroidery for details too!

I went back and forth trying to decide on the best way to create his facial features and details.  I typically try to use plastic safety eyes or crochet methods, but ultimately felt that it wasn't enough for showing the amount of detail that I wanted.  Thus, I went with using actual felt, cutting out the simple shapes for the eyes and cheeks, and used a yarn needle and yarns to sew the borders of the eyes and the mouth.

Marshal is known as a smug squirrel often recognized by his off-white color, large arched eyes, down-turned mouth, choppy fringe, lavender ears, pink cheeks, and wears a navy blue jacket with white sleeves.  Do you think I've captured his likeness?

Either way, we adore Marshal and are so happy to have him as a fellow resident!

Our yarny version of Marshal is able to sit up on his own, even with his large head, so he makes the perfect desk buddy.  Crochet him as a cute, handmade gift for a fellow Animal Crossing fan, or for yourself!

Love this little guy?  Pin it here!

This written pattern is available in my shop and on Ravelry.  This project is recommended for an intermediate crocheter due to the skills needed to cut out felt shapes and sew details.  The pattern includes photo references to guide you through the crocheting process! 

Thanks for sticking around and taking a look at my post!  Again, if you have any suggestions on more Animal Crossing characters that you'd like to see turned into amigurumi, please let me know!  I love doing the occasional fanart.  I'd also love to know who your favorite neighbor is, too!  Share with me in the comments below, friends~

Take care, and happy crafting!

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