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Timmy Nook from Animal Crossing (Crochet Pattern)

Disclaimer: Animal Crossing and its characters are owned by Nintendo.

Any 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' fans out there?

My husband recently got into playing this game, and I got looped in as a resident on his island.  Being his trusty farmhand by picking fruit, collecting wood, and shaking trees has been surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable... probably made even more so by how cute the characters are in the game!

The first little characters that I admired right away were Timmy and Tommy Nook, the twin tanuki (raccoons) who run the town's store!  They are so charming and adorable, and I read somewhere that "Timmy and Tommy attempt to speak in unison, but one always lags behind the other, causing one to repeat every last word the other says."  Now isn't that just precious?!

I especially love how cute and pointy their little noses are, and after making a few sketches of them, I decided to have a go at amigurumi-fying this little character!  Here is my yarny attempt...


Love this little guy?  Pin it here!

This written pattern is available in my shop and on Ravelry.  This project is recommended for a familiar beginner/intermediate crocheter and includes photo references to guide you through the process! 

I initially wanted to have this little Nook stand on two legs, but decided that a free-standing version wouldn't be possible with how large (and indubitably heavy) his head was.  Instead, I went with a sitting position, with stubby legs to accompany a chubby body.  Here's a look at the body with the legs, while the arms are being attached!

And a back-side look at that coon tail!

It was quite fun trying to work out this design with a tanuki "mask".  I made the whites of the eyes as circles, and stuck plastic safety eyes through those and the mask layer, straight into the head.  It was quite an endeavor trying to get the short "nails" of the safety eyes to go all the way through THREE layers of crocheted yarn, and an even bigger endeavor trying to get those backings on to secure them!  I ended up getting the backings on the very outer locking layer and hot-glued it from inside the head to keep it secure.  Cute face though, yeah?

The ears were also quite fun to make!  I crocheted a layer of pink for the inner ear, then a layer of light brown for the outer ear, placed them together, and crocheted around them.  I also sewed some dark brown tips at the top.  That pointy, little snout was done separately as well and sewn onto the face.  I'm pleased with his profile... you can see the pointy-ness of that snout!

From both sides, too!

Oh, and of course he wouldn't be complete without his trademark blue apron!  I made a rather shoddy apron, though... I was a little too excited to try and finish this project that you can really see my haste in it... 

But all that aside, I am quite happy with how my Little Nook (not sure if it's Timmy or Tommy!) turned out!

If you'd like to make him too, be sure to head over to Ravelry!

Thanks for sticking by and taking a look at my post!  If you have any suggestions on more Animal Crossing characters that you'd like to see turned into amigurumi, please let me know!  I love doing the occasional fanart.  I'd also love to know who your favorite neighbor is, too!  Share with me in the comments below, friends~

Take care, and happy crafting!