6 Tips for a Safe, Clean Pennsylvania Home

by - June 29, 2023

Routine maintenance and cleaning aren’t just priorities for a tidy, comfortable home. Some maintenance tasks also ensure safety. Here are a few tips to consider to help manage a safe, clean home.

Adopt a Clutter-Free Mentality

Clutter can be a normal and expected part of raising a family, especially if you have younger children in the household. While some clutter is expected, too much of it can pose a safety risk. You or your family members could trip and fall. Clutter near stairs can be especially dangerous, sometimes leading to people tripping and falling down the stairs.

Some rooms also benefit most from a clutter-free design. The garage, for example, should be well-organized and clutter-free to avoid dangerous trips and falls. Hallways and walkways are also other important areas of the home to keep free of clutter. Annual spring or fall cleaning can also help you keep the basement and garage clutter-free.

Timely Propane Tank Repairs

If you rely on a propane tank to heat your Pennsylvania home, you may be familiar with the necessary maintenance tasks. In addition to choosing the best propane tanks for sale, you’ll want to have your tank professionally installed. It’s also usually a good idea to regularly check your tank for holes or leaks, as this can be dangerous. If you notice any problems with your propane tank, make sure you contact a professional to have it repaired as soon as possible.

You can check for leaks using warm water with soap. Pour your mixture over the gas lines and look for any bubbles. If any bubble appears, you may have a gas leak. Regular propane tank maintenance can also reduce the need for repairs. Try to make annual maintenance a part of your spring or fall-to-do checklist each year.

Carefully Consider Cleaning Products

Most households use cleaning products when wiping up spills or cleaning countertops and tables. Not all cleaning products are created equally. Some clean better than others, and other products contain harsh ingredients that could potentially be dangerous to your household. Rather than use the same cleaning product for all messes in the house, consider choosing a few cleaning task-specific products. Brands like Mrs. Meyer’s and Simple Green are a few great nontoxic options to consider.

A good cleaning product with sanitization is also a must when cleaning up after the common cold. When cleaning using any products with chemicals, make sure the room is well-ventilated. This means opening windows and vents. Wearing rubber clothes when using these products can also help protect your hands. Finally, be sure to dilute any strong cleaning products before use. You can review the safety of any cleaning products you use regularly by checking the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) database.

Make Prompt Household Repairs and Maintenance

Prompt household repairs are also a must to ensure a safe home. Routine maintenance tasks are important, including checking fire and security devices and keeping HVAC filters clean. It’s also a good idea to take care of any necessary repairs as soon as possible. Contact a professional and avoid using the room until the repairs are complete. The spring months are a good time to review the safety of your home’s exterior. Consider safety protocols like trip hazards or gutter guards.

If you have DIY skills, you might consider making the repairs yourself. You’ll still want to safely block the room off to prevent children or pets from getting into the middle of your tools or materials. It’s also a good idea to remember that while DIY projects can sometimes save you money, some tasks are best left to the professionals. A few of these tasks include electrical or propane repair work.

Install Smart Plugs

Leaving household appliances or electric fireplaces on can be dangerous. Installing smart plugs allows you to double-check that you have turned off all the necessary appliances before leaving and do so remotely if you forget. Smart plugs are also relatively affordable and extremely easy to install. Once you connect your smart plugs to your smartphone, you can use a mobile app to check things like power use or status.

Store Tools and Cleaning Products Properly

It’s not only important to use tools and cleaning products the right way but also to store them properly. All tools should be securely stored away in the basement or shed. Cleaning products should be stored in a dry, temperature-controlled environment away from children and pets. It’s best to store these items in a place away from the main living space if possible.

Taking a few extra safety precautions can help you keep yourself and your family safe. Ensuring you choose the right products and keeping up with routine household and propane tank maintenance tasks makes your household safer and tidier for everyone.

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