Get Your Sweet Fix With These Fun Candy-Themed Activities That Don't Involve Food

by - June 12, 2023

If you ask adults about their favorite food, chances are, most of them will say that it's ice cream, cake, a pastry, chocolate, or another sweet treat. According to a recent survey, 2 in 5 people say that they have a bigger sweet tooth now than when they were a child. Moreover, about 58% of respondents said that they always share their dessert with someone else, and that sweet treat is usually a piece of cake or some cookies.

Eating sweets can make us feel happy since sugar releases brain chemicals that make us feel good. However, too much of a good thing can be harmful, which is why healthcare experts often advise us to eat sugar in moderation. Fortunately, apart from restricting your sugar intake, there are ways to make sweets better for you. Also, there are some activities that you can do to satisfy your sweet tooth without eating a single thing. If you need a sweet fix, here are some fun candy-themed activities that don't involve food.

Play a Game

Playing games can help to improve memory and problem-solving skills. And, just like sweets, games enable us to tap into positive emotions, so why not play a fun sweetie-inspired game? There are lots to choose from online, so take your pick and spend an hour or two on these games. There are also candy-themed puzzle games that you can play on your phone such as Candy Crush, Candy Frenzy, or Candy Master. Meanwhile, for those who want to unplug and have fun with friends, consider playing games like a candy scavenger hunt, candy toss, or a game of checkers with colorful candy such as Skittles. Give bags of assorted candies and chocolates as prizes to encourage your buddies to keep playing.

Create a Perfume

Candy and dessert-inspired perfumes, such as Ariana Grande's Sweet Like Candy perfume and Britney Spears' cupcake scented Fantasy perfume are some of the best-selling scents in the market. To satisfy your craving for sweets, why not make your very own mouth-watering fragrance? To make a DIY perfume, you'll need about 2 tablespoons of sweet almond or jojoba oil, 6 tablespoons of vodka, 3 tablespoons of distilled water, three different types of essential oils, and a small funnel. For your essential oils, use 10 drops of a fruit oil like lychee or nectarine as your top note, 15 drops of vanilla or sugar oil as your middle note, and 5 drops of floral oil like jasmine or violet oil for your base note. Combine the scented oils with the other ingredients in a spray bottle, then store it in a cool, dark place for at least a day before using.

Knit a Candy-Colored Scarf

Making something can reduce food cravings since keeping your hands and mind busy can help to curb emotional eating habits. This is why you should try knitting when you feel the urge to chow down on lots of sweet food. Not only can it calm the mind, but it also helps to reduce stress. Consider channeling that craving into something productive and try knitting a candy-colored scarf. Use red and white blended wool or superwash yarns to make a peppermint candy-themed scarf. You can also use rainbow colored yarn, or make a chocolate-themed scarf with brown, white, beige, and black yarn.

Eating sweets can make you feel happy and satisfied, but as with all other things, it's best to consume candy, desserts, and other sweet foods in moderation. Try these candy-themed activities to have a great time, and have your sweet fix without harming your health and wellbeing.

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