3 Unappealing Home Smells Worth Taking Action On

by - June 08, 2023

Every home has a general smell. You probably won’t notice this, because you’re so used to it. You notice when you’re invited into another’s house, though. This nasal concoction can develop in a range of ways, from the laundry detergent used by the homeowner to their proximity to a local farmer’s field with its abundance of sprays during the temporary seeding season.

Smells can be good or bad, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily a bad thing. However, some smells can denote issues that you need to take action on, not only for the condition of your house but because they can be unpleasant for guests to deal with. Luckily, with a little ventilation and the right way to go about addressing specific issues, you can avoid a bad smell from indicating a larger problem left unchecked.

In this post, then, we’ll discuss how to get there to begin with. Without further ado, please consider some of the following advice in that way:

Damp & Mold

That wet, oppressive smell of damp or mold can be an indicator that moisture is trapped within your home, and yes, that can contribute to both of these things growing and damaging your household and health. Damp can also give off toxins which may cause you respiratory issues, and can be harmful to infants and the elderly. If you smell this, immediately ventilate, remove the moisture with removal sprays while wearing personal protective equipment, and inspect the condition of the wall to ensure wood isn’t rotten and soaked through. If necessary, use a professional service to excavate and repair your damp-stricken wall. It will help you start anew.


Smoking is a bad habit for many reasons, but it can also cause your home to smell if you do it inside. It might not seem so bad to those who smoke regularly, because your ability to smell is hindered. Using an external space to smoke instead, lessening your intake, or using vaporizers such as a cannabis odor eliminator or odor eater can be a good place to start. Ultimately, trying to rid your home of this habit, or even of making sure your ventilation hoods are well-installed and clean if you burn your cooking is ideal.

Wet Dog & Pets

Wet dogs and pets have a unique smell, and we’re sure you know what we’re talking about. That’s why it’s good to use odor-defeating sprays or wall plug-ins that squirt several times a day to counteract that smell. You can also use upholstery sprays to cancel out that smell, ventilate your property well, and make sure you remove the contents of your cat litter tray. Washing your doggy bed every week, and placing smelly pet sustenance, like dog bowls, cat bowls, waters and beds in your utility room can be helpful. All houses with pets have the slight smell of them, most people know and accept that, but at least this way you’ll be on top of it, and won’t have a “smelly” house per se.

With this advice, you’re sure to take action on the most common home smells worth solving.

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