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TekFun 15" LCD Drawing Tablet Review

One of my most-used materials with my toddler is an LCD drawing tablet!  It's very light-weight, portable, and handy, and I've used this tool consistently to help my daughter practice her literacy skills, among many others.  After trying out a couple that did the job but didn't "wow" me, I started using TekFun's 15" Tablet, and I was thoroughly impressed.  Hence, this review!

TekFun Links

Firstly, TekFun does offer a variety of board sizes and styles at incredibly competitive prices, so you can definitely choose the one that suits your needs or your little one's needs the best.  

Basic Information

If you're wondering what an LCD Drawing Tablet even is, it's an eco-friendly way to draw and write without having to use paper or ink! With one click of a button, the screen can do a clean erase.  You can also have the option of "locking" the button so that you don't accidentally erase your work, and untoggle it when you do want to erase.  For those of you who have used Magna Doodles in the past (I'm looking at all you 90's babies!), this is like a very compact and light-weight version of that! 


These boards can be used for so many things!  
  • Doodle board
  • Educational learning board
  • White board
  • Office memo board
  • Message board
  • Graphic aids
  • Note taking 
  • Scratch paper

I think it's kind of a must-have in terms of office and homeschool supplies.  Little ones, including my toddler when she was 1 years old, is able to doodle on it.  

I personally love using this board as an agenda/checklist to show my little one what to expect next.  She also uses it as her rewards chart, so after completing her work she requests 5 different songs to listen to (which I'd write on the board as a list) and she gets to check them off as we listen to them.

Literacy skills can easily be built up with this board too, as I use it to write down multiple words or sentences to practice reading, as well as giving my daughter word choices to pick between.  

Kiddos can also use this board for practicing their fine motor skills, of course!  My little one enjoys practicing drawing simple lines and shapes, as well as writing her letters.  It's such a paper-saving way to work on education.  

Plus, it's a good substitute for screen time! 

Here's an example clip of my daughter using the board.

@sweetsoftiescrochet This LCD drawing tablet from @TekFun is a must-have for moms!! Say goodbye to screen time and hello to lots of fun and educational practice! My little one loves using it for fine motor, as an agenda or checklist, and to work on reading. I’ll share a video of how i have her practice reading in English and Chinese later! Website: https://mytekfun.com Amazon Store: https://amzn.to/3RPTGuH Social media: https://linktr.ee/tekfun #toddlergirl #toddler #toddlermom #mom #momlife #toddlergiftideas #giftsforkids #drawingtablet #lcddrawingtablet #tekfun #mytekfun #cute #gifted #giftedkid #child #childhood #earlychildhoodeducation #momstyle #parenting #parentingtips ♬ original sound - sweetsofties


TekFun's 15" LCD Drawing Tablet has an easy-to-clip-on pencil design that attaches to the side.  It also comes with a stand with adjustable angles for you to use as a message board, leaving it on the counter as a memo, reminder, or checklist.

Screen Size

I was originally using a 10" board from a no-name brand, and really wanted to find a larger, more spacious screen to expand the amount of learning we could do on the board.  That's actually how I found TekFun!  I was excited to see that they had a 15" screen available, which is the biggest LCD tablet I've seen when scouring the web.  It's a generous size that's like A4 paper, so you don't have to feel cramped for space when you're using it.


This brings me to talk about how environmental this tool is.  A 20-year-old tree can make around 3,000 pieces of A4 paper.  TekFun's reusable tablet can be reused around 100,000 times, which equates to 33 trees. Everyone can be a forest protector by making this simple lifestyle change. No paper wasted, no radiation, no blue light, and no glare that harms eyes. The LCD writing tablet would be a new environmental tool in the future! 馃尦

Safe Material and good Quality

As a mom, safety and quality of the material are also very important to me!  These boards are made of non-toxic ABS material.  They also have an anti-fall and waterproof screen, making it durable for daily use and travel. 

Overall, I think TekFun has made such a quality and well-designed tablet, and I'm really happy to have it as an educational tool for my daughter!  

If you'd like to check out the exact 15" tablet that I got, you can get it here on Amazon: 

Thank you for reading, and hope that this has been a helpful share!