Ribbed Baby Turban (Free Crochet Pattern)

by - January 30, 2020

Dear fellow crocheters,

I'm excited to share with you this adorable Ribbed Baby Turban hat pattern!

This sweet newborn beanie comes with a cute bow, which I added after being inspired by top knot headwraps that are totally trending right now.  I think it's a true fashion statement but at the same time, super practical, comfortable, and keeps your baby girl's head warm!  It's easy to put on and wear, and it's the perfect accessory for the stylish, little diva in your life.  

It's also soooo simple and quick to crochet, and you can easily finish this project in one sitting!  With a 5.00mm crochet hook and medium weight yarn, you'll whip it up in no time.  Which also leads me to add -- using acrylic yarn allows some nice stitch definition and really shows off the pleats and ribbing in the body of the hat well!

This turban looks adorable without a bow, too!

My pattern comes in the newborn 0-3 month size and makes a perfect handmade gift for baby showers, craft fairs, and the like!  You can also easily adjust this pattern to fit larger heads by adding additional increase rows to the crown.  I'll be adding a toddler, child, and possibly adult size in the future!

I even have a video tutorial available for the Baby Turban too~

If you're looking to use some velvet yarn, I highly recommend checking out the Velvet Baby Turban pattern!  It is nearly identical to this hat.  The crown of both hats are entirely the same, and the body of the hats are different: the Velvet Baby Turban is worked in BLO, whereas the Ribbed Baby Turban is worked in alternating BLO and FLO.

Want to make this in ALL SIZES?

Since I've gotten a lot of inquiry about this pattern in other sizes, I've decided to add on all sizes for this pattern!  This includes: newborn (0-3 months), baby (6-12 months), toddler, child, teen, and adult.  Click HERE or the image below to get to the pattern page, where you can find the download links.

If you like this design of mine, you can check out the other Baby & Kid Patterns on my blog, or my entire collection of Free Crochet Patterns!

You can also PIN it for later~

Scroll down for the free, written crochet pattern.  If you would like to download the beautifully-formatted, ad-free, and easy-to-read PDF version with photo references (see preview below), click here to purchase it for a small fee in my shop.  This pattern, along with most of my other designs, is also available in my Etsy shop.  Thank you for supporting Sweet Softies designs!

Printable ad-free PDF pattern with photo references


Free Crochet Pattern

Copyright Notice -- © 2020 Sweet Softies (www.sweetsofties.com). You have permission to sell finished products made from this pattern, but you must credit Sweet Softies as the owner/creator of this pattern by linking to my website (www.sweetsofties.com) or Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SweetSofties). No wholesale. You may not copy, alter, or sell my patterns in part or in whole in any way. My patterns may not be used in teaching online classes. My patterns may be used in teaching in-person classes ONLY with written consent from me. You may link to this pattern but you may not copy any part of the pattern instructions on other websites.

The Ribbed Baby Turban Hat with Bow is an adorable beanie that will make your little girl look absolutely precious!  It’s a true fashion statement that is totally trending with top knot headwraps right now. It’s also practical, comfortable, and keeps your infant’s head warm!  It’s easy to put on and wear, and the perfect accessory for the stylish little diva in your life. It comes in the newborn 0-3 month size, and makes a perfect gift for baby showers, craft fairs, and the like!

Finished Measurement: 

  • ★☆☆☆☆  Easy / Beginner 
  • Requires familiarity with stitches used (below) and sewing pieces together.

Stitches/Terms Used (US Terminology):
  • MR: magic ring 
  • Ch: chain 
  • Sl st: slip stitch 
  • Sc: single crochet 
  • Hdc: half dc 
  • Hdc-inc: hdc increase (2 hdc in same stitch) 
  • BLO: back loops only
  • FLO: front loops only



Important Notes (Read before beginning!)


R1: In MR, ch 2, hdc 10. *Join with a sl st to the first hdc. (10 hdc)

R2: Ch 2, (hdc-inc) around. *Join. (20 hdc)

R3: Ch 2, (hdc, hdc-inc) around. *Join. (30 hdc)

R4: Ch 2, (hdc 2, hdc-inc) around. *Join. (40 hdc)

R5: Ch 2, (hdc 3, hdc-inc) around. *Join. (50 hdc)

R6: Ch 2, hdc around. *Join. (50 hdc)

R7: Work in BLO for this round. Ch 2, hdc around. *Join. (50 hdc)

R8: Work in FLO for this round. Ch 2, hdc around. *Join. (50 hdc)

R9-R13: Repeat R7 for odd rounds, and R8 for even rounds.

R14: Work in FLO. Ch 2, hdc 25. Sc into the corresponding st in R6-R7 to create a “pinch” in the hat (Tip: fold the hat in half to find the midline if that’s easier). Then, hdc in remaining 24 sts. *Join. (49 hdc, 1 sc)

Fasten off and weave in the ends.


R1: Ch 30. Make sure your work is not twisted. Join with a sl st to first ch. (30 ch)

R2-R5: Ch 2, hdc around.  Join with a sl st to the first hdc. (30 hdc)

Fasten off with a long tail of at least 18 inches. 


  1. Pick up the bow portion that you have crocheted.  Pinch the center o the rectangle to form a crease, and wrap the long yarn tail tightly around the middle.  Wrap many times before securing it in the back.
  2. Sew the bow onto the pinched fold of the turban, and you are done! 

Congrats on finishing your Ribbed Baby Turban!


Do you prefer a video tutorial over the written pattern?  Here it is below!   

If you enjoyed this free project, you can make a donation to support my work!  Any amount is greatly appreciated and will go directly towards the yarn and supplies I use to keep creating new designs!

Also, if you would like to download the beautifully-formatted, ad-free, and easy-to-read PDF version with photo references (see preview below), click here to purchase it for a small fee in my shop.  This pattern, along with most of my other designs, is also available in my Etsy shop.  Thank you for supporting Sweet Softies designs!

Love the Ribbed Baby Hat pattern?  

You might enjoy these other free baby crochet designs. Simply click on the image below for the pattern. You can also view my Baby & Kids pattern page or check out all my free patterns here.


If you made this project and would like to share photos, I'd absolutely love to see!  Here are links for sharing your finished creation:

As always, you are more than welcome to SHARE this post with any fellow crocheters who'd like to try this pattern!  Thank you for reading, and I wish you all a wonderful day! 

Best wishes,

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  1. How many repeats for R6 and R7. Instructions not clear, at least not to me.

    1. Hi Delores, I'm sorry it's not clear! According to the pattern, from R9-R13, you'll repeat R7 for the odd rows and R8 for the even rows. So for example, you'll work R9 in BLO, R10 in FLO, R11 in BLO, R12 in FLO, and R13 in BLO. Then, continue with R14.
      I hope this clarifies it!

  2. Hello! I love your design of the knotted turban hats! I watched the Tutorial Video (the one with 4 little hats on the front) First and it said to use DC vs HDC and the number of total stitches per row were like 22, 33, 44, 55 Your Free written pattern indicates a different type of Stitch HDC & HDC increase with lower number of stitches than the video showed. Which is correct?

    Also, I’d like to use your pattern to make hats for our local NICU Preemies and Micro Premies (10.5” wide before stretched). Do you have a separate pattern for those as well?

    Thank you for your help,


    1. Hi Julia, thank you for writing to me! I'm so sorry, I don't know which video tutorial has 4 little hats on the front. My video tutorial linked in this pattern page (https://youtu.be/FgzTErxkTp8) shows two hats as the cover, one pink and one yellow. Is that the one you're referring to? If so, it uses the HDC stitch and it has the lower number of stitches (20, 30, 40, etc...), which is the same as this pattern. I would go with that! :)

      So sweet of you to make hats for NICU preemies!! I love that!! For those hats, instead of going out to R5 with 50 sts, stop when you're at 40 sts for example and measure to see if it's the right width. Then you will continue down the vertical part of the hat by hdc around, alternating FLO and BLO rows. Another way to make a smaller hat is to use thinner yarn and a smaller hook.

      I hope that this helps! :)

  3. Hi there! I just want to ask how to go about sizing the hat for a 3-6 month old. Crochet newbie here. Appreciate your help and love your work!:)

    1. Hi! For sizing the hat to be larger, you can make the crown of the head larger by increasing an extra round. So instead of stopping at R5, go to R6 with (hdc4, hdc-inc) for a total of 60 sts at the end. Then, you can crochet extra length to your hat by adding an extra repetition (or two) after R14. I have a free printable hat sizing & reference chart if you'd like to check it out! It may help you with measuring out the crown of the hat and the length to determine which size it'd fit: https://www.sweetsofties.com/2020/06/hat-sizing-chart.html

  4. Made this and love it! I thought my bow looked to small. I watched the video and the bow directions should probably say R2-R6 instead of just R2.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I was just thinking 2 rows for the bow? Looks bigger than that.

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