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4 Great Tips To Help Improve Your Craft Projects

Crafting is a great hobby and it opens up so many possibilities! It’s something that you can do for fun and to help you relax, you can decorate your home with amazing handmade crafts, and you can even start a business selling your crafts. But if you want to do that, you need to improve your crafting skills and a lot of people struggle with where to start. Your crafts might be good enough for you, and if you enjoy making them, that’s great. However, if you are going to sell them, then you might need to step up the quality. These are some of the best ways to improve your crafting skills in a big way.

Tip #1: Invest In Good Materials
The end result is always dependent on the materials that you start with, so it’s important that you invest a bit of money in your crafts. If you go for the cheapest possible craft supplies, you will find that the quality of anything that you make is very bad. If you are trying to sell your crafts, it’s important that they don’t feel cheap and they don’t break. There are some great companies out there like Just Artifacts who sell good quality crafting supplies online. You can even get a reduced price on larger orders, which is ideal if you are trying to start a business. Investing in good-quality materials will definitely help you improve your craft! 

For crocheting in particular, I learned that getting the more pricey Clover Amour hooks is an amazing investment for not only my hands but the enjoyment of each project!  The hooks slip and glide easily with my yarn, so the way I hold them involve much less tension than the cheaper hooks I've gotten...meaning fewer hand cramps!

Tip #2: Never Stop Learning
Your crafts are limited by the techniques and skills that you pick up, so it’s important that you never stop learning. The more different techniques you know, the more complex and interesting things you can make. It can be tough to learn a new skill, but if you put some time into it, you will reap the rewards and your crafts will be all the better for it. You could even take some classes to help you learn the more difficult skills, and remember, the best way to get better at anything is to practice. 

Most new crocheters I've spoken to have told me how much easier it is for them to follow video tutorials.  If you're interested, check out the Youtube video tutorials I've made, including tips, crochet stitches, and full crochet patterns/DIYs!

Tip #3: Make Time For Crafting
Some craft projects take a lot of time, and if you want the results to be good, it’s important that you don’t rush things. That’s why you need to make time in your schedule for crafting. If you don’t set aside a specific time for crafting, you will end up trying to fit it in around everything else or doing it while you are distracted, and the results will not be as good.

Part of making time involves making this as your habit and building it into your routine.  And trust me -- crafts and art-making are often HUGELY beneficial for mental health, so it's well worth the time!  I personally try to set a block of time for myself each evening after work to engage in my craft activities so that I can de-stress, calm down, and just enjoy my wonderfully fun hobbies!  After you get into the groove of things, I'm sure you'll start to look forward to your crafting time each day too!

Tip #4: Join Networks
There are some great online networks where you can find all sorts of crafting resources. If you join these communities, you will have access to so much knowledge and you can also ask people for tips and advice if you are struggling with a project. If you don’t take advantage of these networks, you can be missing out on a great opportunity to improve your skills and build community!

Great avenues for crochet involve Ravelry.com, Facebook groups, and Instagram.  If you'd like to find me on those communities, check out the links below~

Sweet Softies on Ravelry!
Sweet Softies Facebook Group!
Sweet Softies on Instagram!

Of course, the best way to improve your crafting skills is to actually dive in and practice, but these simple things will also make a big difference!

Hope this post sparks some ideas! Happy crafting, all!