6 Reasons to Promote Your Craft Business with Video

by - March 29, 2022

Video marketing has shown dramatic growth recently. As per research, now about 86% of the people watch videos for everything, which is almost 2% more than it was last year. It has the power of placing your business right on top, and therefore you should never ignore it. So, if you are running a craft business and want to take it to the next level, opt for videos without a second thought.

Videos can offer prospects an exclusive glimpse into your life as an artist. You can use them to show potential customers how you are different from the other faceless online craft businesses and relate to them emotionally. This will pay off later in the form of more credibility, reach, and business. Want to know more? Then keep reading to know the six reasons to promote your craft business using videos:

1. Videos Are Valuable

Videos are more effective than other advertising mediums because 65% of the individuals worldwide are visual learners, and 90% of information processed by the human brain is visual.

They are not the only way of advertising, but dynamic, way more entertaining, comprehensive and engaging than the other available options. More than 72% of the individuals say they prefer videos over textual matter. Therefore, you can depend on videos to differentiate your craft business in the crowded marketplace.

Online video usage has constantly been increasing at the rate of 32% annually. And that’s not just on the web. Speaking globally, an average individual watches 85 minutes of visual content every day. And this duration is likely to increase in the coming years. And that is why, perhaps, YouTube is the second-largest search portal after Google, with over 1.5 million monthly users.

2. Videos Satiate the Customers

It is not easy to market products and services online because the viewers cannot see how a product works and cannot feel the product with their hands. These are major challenges for your craft business too.

But videos can help you overcome these challenges. You can show your handmade products in use instead of explaining the way they work. Viewers can visualize the products they see and how they can use them, converting them into loyal buyers.

Good quality videos are also effective in setting proper customer expectations. Before making the purchase, customers become well aware of what they are getting. This increases their satisfaction once they receive the product and reduces return rates.

A perfect example here is Diamond Jewelry Limited, a popular eCommerce store that started showing its products through videos. As a result, not only their sale increase, but the rate of returns also decreased by 60%.

3. Both Smartphones and Social Media Platforms Love Videos

Social media content featuring exclusive videos gets 48% more views and has higher chances of being shared on different platforms. Thus, social media marketing is beneficial for brands, and it is constantly growing. Though it is very difficult to determine specific engagement and Returns on Investment, around 46% of social media users who go through videos buy from brands.

So, social media platforms are the right game for your craft business, and videos are the most effective way to grow your business.

Similarly, smartphone users love videos. As per reports, 90% of people, regardless of age, watch videos on their mobile devices nowadays. Moreover, more than 70% of YouTube videos are seen on smartphones. Hence, smartphones largely contribute to an increased video scope, which boosts your business.

4. Videos Attract More Consumers

Visual content makes a brand more discoverable, introducing it to new audiences in the most effective way. You can attract more customers by making personal, creative videos and targeting individuals you are looking to do business with. This is called sticky video marketing, where brands use videos to make people stop and stick around to get to know more about them and their products and services. There are different types of videos that can help brands attract more consumers, such as:
  • A small business video on the homepage of a site allowing people to engage with the brand
  • A video with creative tips to captivate the viewers by sharing a brand’s expertise
  • FAQ videos answering common queries about the products and services of a brand
  • Feel-good and inspirational videos that engage the viewers emotionally, compelling them to get in touch with a brand
  • Thank you videos and testimonials making customers feel good about buying from a brand, so they do it all over again

5. Videos Can Explain the Most Complex Things

If you are launching a brand new handmade product or craft, create a video showing people how to use it. That’s because 98% of the users claim they learn more about a product or a service from the explainer videos.

And probably that’s the reason why 45% of the businesses that use videos in their marketing campaigns place explainers on their homepage. It’s best to use animated videos because they effectively explain difficult concepts. Being the perfect blend of nostalgia, entertainment, and simplicity, these videos bring concepts to life.

Consider the marketing campaign of Ryan Greer - accessory and leather bag designer. His organisation Flux Productions uses videos for demonstrating small details of its product features, such as adjustable straps or folding wallets.

6. Videos Build Trust

The present era is where business success is built on trust and not just on traffic and content. And there’s no better way of delivering useful and interesting information to people than videos.

Video content not only engages the buyers but even ignites emotions. Promotional videos are great at fostering trust in prospects. Many people are still apprehensive about buying things online because of the fear of cheating and fraud. However, videos present products in a conversational tone and thus give viewers the confidence to buy online.

Final Thoughts

Using videos for promoting your craft business is undoubtedly a wise decision considering that videos increase customer interaction, transform sales and educate and inform people about products and services. So, start creating videos for your craft business!

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