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3 Awesome Ways Anyone Can Keep Their Precious Memories Forever

Every individual and family has a collection of precious memories that they never want to lose. These could be family videos, precious heirlooms, old items, or anything in between. They may even simply be memories that were never recorded. Unfortunately, over time, many of these memories will become lost or simply fade away.

This is awful, and many families want to do all they can to preserve these memories, and keep them around for as long as possible. With that in mind, this article is going to go over a couple of awesome ways for people to keep their cherished memories safe and sound forever.

Digitize Them

As mentioned, many family memories are kept on old video tapes that your parents or grandparents made when you were younger. Unfortunately, over time, these tapes will deteriorate and eventually become unwatchable. It is also very easy for them to get damaged or lost, which would mean you lose precious memories.

As a result, consider finding a way to transfer film reels to digital. This can be done manually in some cases, but is a long and intensive process. Instead, consider working with professionals.

This will ensure that you can safely store your memories on your computer, and don’t need to worry about them getting lost or deteriorating. Also, having these online will make it much easier to watch them and share the videos with family all over the world.

Make a Time Capsule

Another great idea to ensure precious family memories never die is to make a time capsule of some kind. There are many time capsule ideas, and this can be done for people of all ages. They are great for children, for babies, for individuals, for couples, and even for entire families. You can put documents, schoolwork, art, toys, photos, notes, and just about anything else you can fit.

Once you fill the box/capsule with items, set yourself a date when you open it. This could be two years, could be five years, or could even be a decade or longer. Opening this box years in the future is sure to have all of your memories come rushing back and ensure they are never lost.

Store Things Correctly

Next, you want to make sure that things are being stored correctly. Storing items wrong can drastically speed up how quickly they can become damaged or deteriorate. This is especially true if they sit for a while in bad conditions.

When it comes to how to store VHS tapes successfully, there are a few things to think about. You need to ensure they are kept away from extreme temperatures, harsh direct light, moisture and dust/dirt. They should be stored vertically, and in a protective bag or case. Also, when you move them, you want to be careful not to drop them or bump them into things.

In conclusion, any of these methods will be great for keeping previous memories alive forever.