My Review of AddictedToSleep's Organic Buckwheat Pillow

by - March 19, 2022

If you'd like to give yourself a little TLC, I highly recommend checking out the organic buckwheat pillows from Addicted To Sleep!

I recently got this pillow and am obsessed with it, as I'm a fan of natural products and this pillow is stuffed with organic buckwheat hulls!  This material is supportive and long-lasting, and also breathable and promote air flow.

The case is a thick, cotton twill that is soft, sturdy, and long-lasting.  I'm very pleasantly surprised by how great the quality and workmanship of the pillow is, as the seams are strong and the invisible zipper is very beautifully added! 

You'll also get some generous bonuses with a pillow order, including:
  • A huge tube of extra buckwheat hulls to customize your pillow's stuffing amount
  • Spacious jute bag with rope handles

Pretty sweet, yeah? 

Check out the photos I took of my Swaddle Babies snuggling on the pillow!  I think they love it too. <3 

Oh, and let's take a look at the goodies that come with.  Here's the grand jute bag.  Just look at those rope handles!   

Following up is a tube of organic buckwheat hulls that are pestiside-free and chemical-free!  You can stuff your pillow to your heart's content!  

Exclusive Coupon Code

As a bonus to all my readers, you can get this pillow 10% off with the code "SOFT10" at checkout! has a great selection of different sizes, neck pillows, floor pillows, and more. 



Thanks for reading and looking through my favorite finds!  I hope you take the chance to check out AddictedToSleep's website for their assortment of pillows and products.  If you have a favorite, please share with me in the comments below -- I'd love to hear from you! 

Warm wishes,

Disclosure: This product was received as a gift in exchange for covering my experience with it.

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