Kimono Kitty · Part 4 of 4 · Creator Challenge 2021

by - March 13, 2021

Dear fellow crocheters,

Welcome to Sweet Softies' fourth annual Creator Challengefeaturing the Kimono Kitty!  She's a sweet, little cat who wears a traditional Japanese dress.  This kokeshi amigurumi doll's outfit includes a kimono with the large sleeves, an obi sash, and a bow on the back.  She also wears a sakura (cherry blossom) flower on her head.  

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  1. Gather all your crocheted pieces. 
  2. Position neck collar around upper body and sew it down securely using a yarn needle. 
  3. Sew bow to the back, over the waist ribbon. 
  4. Sew both sleeves to the sides of the body. 
  5. Sew the ears and flower to the head. 
  6. Then, sew a mouth and a nose to the face. 
  7. Make sure the head and body are stuffed well. Sew the head and body together.

Finishing Video Tutorial:

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Happy crafting!

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