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Kimono Kitty · Submissions & Results! · Creator Challenge #4

Dear fellow crocheters,

I'm pleased to announce that the RESULTS for Sweet Softies' fourth annual Creator Challenge are here!  

This year, the featured pattern is Kimono Kitty.  This photo below was taken before the Creator Challenge began, with an excited Kimono Kitty ("Kiki") who could hardly wait to meet her new siblings! 

Kiki didn't need to wait long.  Many more kitties soon joined her throughout the month of March, while the Creator Challenge took place.  A number of WIP and finished kitty photos began sprouting up in the Sweet Softies FB group and on Instagram!

You are all SO creative and really talented at customizing your kitty dolls and adding your own flair to them.  It brings me such joy to see all your lovely creations, read up on your kitties' names and sometimes backstories (I love those!!), as well as notes on who you are gifting them to.  I know all the gifted kitties will be very much loved and cherished.

Without further ado, here is the Kimono Kitty Family Album

Take a look at all these unique kittens!

Fun Fact: There are 30 new kitties joining Kiki!

A Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek at some of the Kimono Kitty submissions.

Beautifully-designed floral Kimono by Doreen D.

"Hanbok Hanu" (Kimono Kitty's one and only brother!) by Joan C.

Peacefully elegant kitty by @fazzy.boo on Instagram

Beautifully embroidered kimono by Analyn T.

Multi-color kimono with paper fan, by @klaatu9044 on Instagram

"Raichu in a kimono," by @amelysian on Instagram

Bright sunflower kitty by Mariah Lena P. 

Kitties with Umbrellas, by Megan B.

Adorable Kitty Pair by @yosefina_journal on Instagram

Another Adorable Kitty Pair by Alehgurumi


The winner of Sweet Softies' Fourth Creator Challenge goes to...

Megan B.!

Megan made several different kitties for this challenge, with a couple of them toting sweet, little umbrellas, and this little one celebrating Children's Day!  She really nailed the carp-shaped streamer (koinobori) that her little kitty above is happily holding.  I just love Megan's creativity with making props, and you can really see how playful and cute her projects are in these photos!  

Please join me in congratulating Megan on such a fantastic job well done!  As winner of the Creator Challenge, Megan will be receiving her choice of Sweet Softies' premium doll patterns below:

All of the kitties that were made during the Creator Challenge were absolutely beautiful and special in their own ways!  Thank you all so much for participating in this event of mine.  I look forward to hosting another Creator Challenge next year!  

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Thank you, and happy crocheting!  Wishing you all the very best!