3 Tips To Help You Learn A New Language

by - October 03, 2022

Being multilingual is extremely beneficial in many different ways. From a professional standpoint, it gives you more options when looking for work. If you speak a different language, you can move to a non-English speaking country for a (potentially) better job than you’d get here.

It also makes it easier when you’re traveling around as you may speak the language of the country you’re traveling too. To be honest, learning a new language is just fun anyway, so everyone should give it a go. If you’re interested in getting started, here are three tips to help you out:

Find the right learning materials

You will be able to find educational books and other learning materials specifically aimed at people in your position. Think about it, when non-English speakers move to the US, they have an entire ELL newcomer curriculum to follow. This teaches them English at a level they can follow, rather than being forced to jump right in at a higher level in schools, etc. So, if you are an English speaker trying to learn a second language, there will be educational resources like this for you as well. Find books and videos that are at your level - beginner - and you will be taught basic concepts that are easier for you to understand. Too many people give up on learning languages because they start too far ahead of where they actually need to begin.

Use language apps

There are countless apps out there to help you learn a new language. The most popular is probably Duolingo, but you have other options - like Babbel and Busuu. Using an app is really helpful as, again, you can start at your level. But, these apps give you more structure to your learning and encourage you to complete short lessons every day. You’ll spend a few minutes learning different topics, and you’re tested again and again until you master them. It brings a more enjoyable element to learning languages that stops you from getting frustrated, and keeps you more engaged.

Watch foreign films/TV shows

Finally, a really underrated way to learn new languages is by watching films or TV shows in that language. You’ll find plenty of options out there, and it’s really useful as you get to experience the language spoken in real-time in real situations. Obviously, put the captions on in your own language so you know what they’re saying. The simple act of watching and reading again and again will teach you so much without even realizing it. If you do this while doing the other things, you’ll soon come across words or phrases in your books/apps that you recognize thanks to the shows or films you’re watching.

Everyone should try to learn at least one other language at some point in life. It’s actually easier to learn another language when you’re younger, so perhaps this is something you encourage your kids to do. They might not like it initially, but when they’re older and looking for work or traveling around, they will certainly be glad you pushed them to be multilingual!

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