October Mystery CAL with Sweet Softies

by - October 05, 2022

Hi fellow crocheters!

I'm really excited to share with you that I've teamed up with the editors over at AllFreeCrochet to bring to you a fun Mystery Crochet-A-Long project!

This pattern is hosted on the AllFreeCrochet website and is broken down into four parts or "clues". Check out the Mystery CAL page here for more information, including how to sign up for their newsletter in order to receive alerts to the weekly clues delivered right to your inbox.

It begins on Wednesday, October 5th, and will continue for the next four weeks! 

Here's the timeline for the CAL:

Part 1: October 5th
Part 2: October 12th
Part 3: October 19th
Part 4: October 26th

Now, I can’t give away TOO much detail about this mystery project, but here’s what I can say about this pattern:
  • It includes a gorgeous applique that is versatile and can be used in many ways!
  • It allows for a lot of customization with both yarn color combinations and finishing touches. Don’t be afraid to let your creative juices flow!
  • It’s beautifully fall-themed with my color choices, but can be made with other colors as a year-round accessory!
  • It makes a lovely handmade gift as well!

Excited to begin?  Grab some yarn, your hooks, and head on over to the Mystery CAL page!

Happy crocheting,

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