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How to Use Art for Highlighting the Climate Change Problem

Climate change is without a doubt, one of the biggest problems that our world is facing right now, if not the most devastating one. As such, it is discussed everywhere and through different mediums, including art. Artists of all sorts are using their talents and skills to build up the awareness of this issue. In this article, you’ll learn how art can be used to highlight the problem.

With increasing temperatures in the world, rising sea levels and ice melting, we need to take action as soon as possible. Artists have done a masterful job in this, and we aren’t just talking about painters that present melting icebergs in their images, or poets that write about this.

Climate Change in Academic Writing

We are also talking about a student that is conscious about this problem and decides to write a research paper on it. Essays are a form of art, something that is used not only to showcase the student’s knowledge, but also to inform and provide arguments. That being said, if you are looking for some free examples of essays to inspire you, you can find thousands examples of a climate change essay here. This topic is a spell for good grades, and you can expect amazing teacher comments for students’ writing if you tackle it.

At school, teachers often talk of climate change in natural science disciplines, and this is a frequently assigned topic in that subject. But, it’s also a good argumentative and persuasive essay for other subjects. Professors love grading college papers on such fierce, argumentative topics, so you’d be making a very good choice and potentially impacting your peers and other people that will read your work.

Climate Change in Music

Music is a moving force, so why not use it to highlight this important issue? The opera Auksalaq does exactly that. Matthew Burtner, its composer wrote it to talk about climate change through notes and lyrics.

The name of the opera is sourced from the Inupiat, people that are native to Alaska. It means snow and ice.

In the opera, Burtner combined scientists’ recordings where they talk about climate change with opera singers from no less than 7 places around the globe.

It doesn’t even have to be through lyrics.

One of the many artists that were inspired by climate change and decided to highlight the problem in their art was Daniel Crawford. His goal was to show people how grave global warning can be, and he used the medium he knows best – his cello.

Crawford is a student of climate at the University of Minnesota. He showed that music can be used as a medium for spreading awareness by composing his famous ‘Song for Our Warming Planet’.

If you listen to it, you’ll note how the notes grow higher and higher, which represents the change in temperature. The result of this is a chilling, rather creepy tune, which is aimed to give you an uncomfortable feeling and show you how grave climate change is.

Seeing how music can affect the mood and touch our senses, this might just be one of the best mediums for such strong messages.

Climate Change in Dance

Professional dancers have also used art to speak of climate change. Diana Movius, a dance designer designed a performance to represent the moving glaciers and melting ice.

Dance is a very effective medium for sharing messages. The way people move to the music, how they communicate with others, can build up all sorts of emotions from love and sadness to fear and triumph. In Diana’s work, ballet is used to show climate change.
Climate Change in Art and Paintings

Next is Michele Banks, an American artist that often explores scientific and medical themes. Her images often include viruses, plants, animal cells, bacteria, but they sometimes explore climate change and similar problems.

At one occasion, Michele Banks decided to represent climate change through art. She actually used a wedding dress to represent the Arctic ice. Her dress is drastically changed into a green puddled at its bottom.

Simply put, the wedding white is the ice in the Arctic. But, as your glance moves downward, the Arctic melts and the dress dissolves into a green color with it.

Wrapping Up

Artists frequently used their skills and passions to share messages they believe in and spread awareness. That’s what the artists we listed here did – they highlighted the climate change problem for their audiences. Do you have a unique idea on how to do it, too?