Guinea Pig - Crochet Pattern Review

by - August 20, 2020

I recently finished crocheting this adorable, little guinea pig designed by the talented Amber at KnottedFaux.  I am so excited to share with you the finished photos and my thoughts about her quick and beginner-friendly pattern! 

I fell in love with this adorable design when I first laid eyes on it.  Amber did such a phenomenal job modeling this after a guinea pig, that I almost thought I was looking at real-life guinea pig!  

Part of what makes this guinea pig look so life-like is the yarn used.  This pattern calls for Lion Brand's Go for Faux Yarn, which is the most fluffilicious yarn I've ever felt!! 

If working with fluffy, furry yarn is new to you, check out my Tips for Crocheting with Fluffy Yarn post for some good pointers, along with a video.  If you'd like to learn more about Go for Faux yarn specifically, don't miss out on my Go for Faux Yarn Review post and video!  (You can see all the great color selections to make your guinea pig with!)

For my piggie, I picked out two main colors -- 'Blonde Elk' and 'Bear.'  The Blonde Elk color is the lighter shade (and the main color), with Bear being the darker one.  It was fun changing colors while crocheting and seeing the two shades mix together so beautifully!

Going back to Amber's pattern, I have to say that it's SUPER easy to follow.  She includes so many step-by-step photo references throughout the crochet instructions and also provides great tips and visuals for the finishing directions.  It's so clever with how she combines the fluffy yarn and regular, worsted medium weight (4) yarn too.  Look at the cute, little feetsies!

I made my guinea pig from start to finish in a matter of several short hours and was very pleased with the result.  I definitely will recommend it for anyone who's a piggie lover, or would like to make it as a sweet gift for someone who'd appreciate this life-like pet!

Be sure to check out this cute Guinea Pig pattern to make your own!

Thanks for reading, and happy crocheting~ 

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