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Go For Faux Yarn Review

Hi fellow yarn enthusiasts,

I'll be writing about the Lion Brand Go For Faux™ Yarn today and share my experiences, as well as a free beginner-friendly crochet pattern featuring this yarn!

Color Selection
Firstly, can I talk about the amazing color selections available for the Lion Brand Go For Faux™ Yarn?  So far, I've gotten Pink Poodle, but I want to try pretty much every single shade available!

Texture & Feel
Just looking at the picture of this yarn tells you how FLUFFY-licious it is!  It feels just as soft as it looks, and the finished look that it has on completed projects is simply gorgeous.  It looks super luxurious, and you won't even be able to see the stitches made, so it looks like a piece of furry fabric rather than a crocheted item when complete.  For that reason, you can achieve some really neat, furry effects, whether it be with clothing and accessories or amigurumi!

As you can tell by its name, it's faux fur.  Thankfully, no animals were harmed in the making of this animal-like fur yarn, as it is 100% Polyester!  Plus, I think Lion Brand Yarn did a really good job of making it so that the finished product imitates animal fur.

How does it compare to other yarns?
I've used other fluffy yarns before, but I haven't come across one that felt as luxurious as the Go For Faux yarn!  It also has a bit more "furry" of a texture, which I love because once it's crocheted or knit together, the fur appears densely packed and doesn't look stringy like eyelash yarn or thinner furry yarns.  Quality-wise, Go For Faux really stands out to me, yet it is affordable and well-priced.  

Pro's in a Nutshell
  • Feels absolutely luxurious! Squishy, fluffy, and oh-so-soft!
  • Super cozy and warm
  • Vegan-friendly as it's 100% polyester
  • Looks and feels like real animal fur
  • Lots of beautiful color options to choose from
  • Affordable and well-priced for the quality

Things to Know
  • There's a bit of shedding.
    When working with this yarn, I noticed that there was a small amount of fallen hairs on my dark-colored clothing.  It may be due to how I'm holding the yarn and possibly being a bit tighter on it than usual, because when I wear or brush my hand through a finished project made with Go For Faux, I don't experience the same issue with shedding.  It seemed to only be a slight problem while I was actively crocheting with it.  However, the tiny bits of shedding didn't impact the overall look of the yarn or project, because the fur-loss wasn't noticeable at all.  (No bald spots, yay!)  The fur still looked densely-packed and full! 
  • This fluffy yarn can be difficult and slow to work with if it's your first time using this type of yarn. 
    Most crocheters typically crochet with smooth yarn, and so when transitioning over to working with fluffy yarn, there'll be a period of adjustment.  The biggest difficulty I hear about is how the stitches are impossible to see, so you'll have to get a feel for the stitches as you crochet!  Thankfully, this is all learnable, and I have a blog post of tips for crocheting with fluffy yarn that will help any beginner feel more confident going into a project with this yarn!  

Perfect for projects like:
Winter and cold-season clothing and accessories, including (but not limited to):
  • Scarves and cowls
  • Beanies and hats
  • Earwarmers and headbands 
  • Vests
  • Coats

Try this FREE crochet pattern with Go For Faux!
Looking for a quick, beginner-friendly, and CUTE project to try with your Go For Faux yarn?  Check out the Fluffy Hooded Bear Cowl (Free Crochet Pattern), which is designed specifically for using Go For Faux or other super bulky, fluffy-licious yarns!  It requires simple stitches, uses a big hook, and is mostly done all in one piece... What more could you ask for in an easy-peasy project? 馃榿

If you'd like to try another super easy and quick-to-work-up project, here's one of my newer designs, the Hooded Timber Wolf Scarf (Free Crochet Pattern)!  Just like the Hooded Bear Cowl above, this hooded scarf uses only simple stitches and a big hook.  Everything's done in one piece except for the ears! 

Hooded Timber Wolf Scarf (Free Crochet Pattern)

Video Yarn Review

So, what do you think about Lion Brand's new Go For Faux yarn?
Will you give it a shot?
Which color of Go For Faux would you love to try out?
Which projects will you plan to use it with?

I'd love to hear from you!  Please share with me in the comments below.