Best Baby Freebies for Expecting Parents in 2020!

by - August 19, 2020

Dear Expecting Moms,

I've compiled a roundup of the best FREEBIES for your baby!  You won't want to miss this and the easy "how to's" on getting these too.  You can either watch my vlog below to find out what I've received from each of these freebies, or scroll down to see the photos!  

To get these freebies for your little one too, take a look below at the easy directions and links to obtain each one.

Best Baby Freebies

1. Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

Amazon has an awesome baby registry incentive! Here's what you'll need to do:
  • Create an Amazon Baby Registry
  • Add a checklist of items recommended by Amazon. (Products are placed in convenient categories, such as strollers, bedding, clothing, etc.)
  • Add any item for $10+ to your registry and purchase it
  • Log back into your account and add your Welcome Box to your cart!  (Note: The price will appear as $35, but once you add it to your cart and check out, you'll see a little box for a $25 credit to click, making it completely free.)
  • Wait about a week, and the Welcome Box will be at your doorstep! 
The contents of the Welcome Box are ever-changing, so you might receive anything from pacifiers to onesies, and diapers to baby wash.  With the Welcome Box, you'll also receive a coupon worth 15% off any one order of items from your registry.  A pretty awesome deal to have as well, if you ask me!

Here's a photo of what my Amazon Welcome Box contained:

2. Walmart Baby Welcome Box

Similar to Amazon, Walmart also has a Baby Welcome Box that comes with creating a registry!  Follow these simple steps:
  • Create a Walmart Baby Registry
  • Pick a style you like out of the four selections (Classic Neutral, Modern Neutral, Boho, Woodland) and items will be automatically added to your registry! (You can change or edit them later, of course!)
  • Then, head on over to the Welcome Box link to fill out your address and shipping information.
  • Wait about 4-6 weeks, and the Welcome Box will be at your doorstep! 

The contents of the Walmart Baby Registry Welcome Box include various samples, all of which I’m sure you’ll find helpful!

Here's a photo of what my Walmart Welcome Box contained:

3. Target Free Welcome Kit


Target's Free Welcome Kit is easy-peasy and requires no waiting on shipments!  Follow the steps below:
  • Create a Target Baby Registry
  • Drive to your local Target store
  • Visit Guest Services and ask for your Free Welcome Kit! (Note: You may want to call ahead first to check on supplies, as these welcome kits are subject to availability.)
Target's Free Welcome Kit has over $80 worth of coupons and handpicked items/samples for you and your baby!  

Here's a photo of what my Target Welcome Bag contained:

4. Buybuy BABY Free Goody Bag


With a BuyBuy Baby registry, you get a free goody bag that is available in-store.  Here's what you'll need to do:

The free goody bag contains samples and coupons for you and your little one!

Here's a photo of what my BuyBuyBABY Gift Bag contained:

5. Medela Moms' Room - Free Breastfeeding Products Sample Kit


Medela offers expecting moms-to-be a free breastfeeding products sample kit!  Follow these simple directions to get yours:
  • Sign up on the Medela website
  • During the sign-up process, request your sample kit by selecting "Yes, Send Me Free Samples!"  
  • Wait about 6-8 weeks, and your kit will be delivered to your door!  
Note: This offer is available in the U.S. only.

The sample kit will include a 4-pack of 6oz breast milk storage bags, 4-pack of disposable nursing pads, 1 quick clean micro-steam bag, and 1 small tube of tender care lanolin cream.

You can also check to see if your insurance covers a Medela Breast Pump using this link

Here's a photo of what my Medela sample kit contained:


Thank you for reading, and I hope you'll enjoy all your free samples and goodies!  Congratulations on your pregnancy and I can't wait to share more with you!

Want More Baby Freebies?
Check out my...
  1. Newborn Baby Birth Announcement Cards is a lovely printable to celebrate the arrival of your new bundle of joy! 
  2. Baby Closet Dividers is an easy DIY printable that you can use to organize your baby's clothing from newborn to 24 months of age! Lots of different themes (e.g., floral, leaves, train, forest) are available!  
  3. Old Wives Tales Gender Prediction Chart is a fun printable that you can use to figure out if you're having a boy or a girl, according to the Old Wives' Tales!

Warm regards,

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  1. Very nice article, but somebody has stolen your angel wing pattern which you used for the angel pixie and christmas angel, and they are using it for their own angels!

    1. Thank you for alerting me. I took a look and I can't tell if it's the exact pattern instructions or not, though it does look similar. It may be that we have slightly different designs as I can't see what the back of the angel wings look like and if it's the same number of stitches or rows..


  2. Many moms-to-be already have an Amazon account, so creating an Amazon Baby Registry can seem like a natural choice. With Amazon, you have access to almost all of the brands and products you love in one convenient place. Plus, you can get discounts, free samples, easy returns and free two-day shipping on registry items. Read on to find out why we think it’s one of the best baby registries. best baby registries

    1. Yep! Thanks for sharing your resource too, that's very helpful! :)

  3. Thank you for posting this, I am work at one of the retailers above and it's my biggest pet peeve when someone posts about our goody bags contents when in reality the content changes every couple months. I appreciate the fact that you've included multiple pictures for each retailer. Implying the possibility for change in inconsistency. There are two other locations worth looking into, and that's motherhood maternity & babylist.

    1. Hi, thanks for making that point! It's a good reminder for us to know that things change in these registry goody bags and that not everyone's goign to get the same things! I didn't know about Motherhood Maternity & Babylist....I'm going to have to check those out and add them on! Thanks for mentioning!! :)