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Trends and New Colors in the Design of Modern Kitchens in 2023

The color makes the interior lively and comfortable for the owners and sets the mood and cozy atmosphere. Well, to quickly get in a good mood, visit a casino online.

Experienced designers do not just advise you on the most fashionable and modern shade that is relevant today, but also start from several key factors. The development of the color scheme affects absolutely all objects and elements of the interior: wallpaper, furniture, curtains, textiles, minor accessories, and various decor. The article is devoted to the analysis of all the features and nuances of color combinations and current solutions in the interior of kitchens.

General Rules of Interior Coloristics

There are many ways to select colors and their combinations: monochrome, monochrome, contrast, triad, and others. First of all, the solution to this issue depends entirely on the purpose of the room, since each room has its task. And even a living room made in a single bright or vice versa brutal style may differ in the kitchen and bedroom in shades.

Secondly, as an interior colorist, it is important to take into account one essential rule: the interior is not only pure colors but also textures and decors with structure. Consequently, the task of choosing a color solution becomes more complicated again.

And finally, it is necessary to take into account the overall chosen style, whether it is a classic, modern interior or an interior in the Art Nouveau style, loft, or Scandinavian since each direction has its color features. Let's consider together all the subtleties of interior colorists in the example of such a central place in the house as the kitchen.

The Color of the Kitchen and the Overall Style

The kitchen is a special and often central place in the house. Here, whether it is a separate kitchen, a kitchen-living room, or a kitchen-dining room, we not only cook and eat but also spend a lot of free time alone with ourselves or loved ones: over tea, sincere conversations, creativity and even work.

A kitchen set of the same functionality can perform completely different functions depending on the color and decor of the facade and even create opposite effects in the perception of the room. A white kitchen increases the space and the amount of light, and a kitchen in black looks more lofty and premium.

At the stage of creating a kitchen design and choosing the main color scheme for it, you should also evaluate the ergonomics of the room and the overall illumination. So, in a small room, it is better to choose light and neutral colors, they will visually expand the space. If the kitchen windows face south, it is better to opt for cold matte shades, if to the north – you can safely use brighter and glossy materials.

Kitchen Color and Appetite

The choice of color in the room reserved for the kitchen depends on several factors. And the style may to some extent fade into the background. The primary thing is what psychological and emotional effect the facades and other kitchen decorations will cause: to cheer us up or calm us down, improve appetite or reduce it, and create a feeling of friendly atmosphere or intimacy.

The color scheme undoubtedly affects our appetite. Traditionally, the colors that improve it are considered bright and saturated yellow, orange, red, purple, and green. And, surprisingly, classic white. Blue, gray, brown, and black have the opposite effect.

In the modern world, the trend towards a healthy lifestyle involves choosing less bright colors for the kitchen and combining them with woody and naturally calm decor. Even the pink-red color, which is used very rarely and mainly in modern interiors, in this case, will look very organic and in daylight will be quite soft in perception.


Traditionally, the rooms of kitchens and kitchen sets were executed in one or two basic colors, this trend continues today, although it is not considered a trend. Since designers are betting on eclecticism in 2023, kitchen interiors, even in one color, will be diluted with inserts and combinations of a wide variety of colors and decorations.

The main rules that we recommend adhering to are harmony, lack of pretentiousness, and color balance. If you want your kitchen to look attractive and create the right atmosphere for guests or family holidays, then color plays a very important role. Choose the colors that suit your interior and help create the right atmosphere.

Remember that light colors help to create a spacious and bright room that will be attractive to guests. Dark colors create an intimate and cozy atmosphere that is great for home cooking. Along with the color of the kitchen set, no less attention in this aspect should be paid to walls, floors, chandeliers, curtains, chairs, and utensils, so that the interior corresponds to the overall idea entirely.