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How Long Does Restylane Last in the Lips?

Dermal fillers are very popular nowadays due to numerous reasons. The variety is rather impressive; multiple aesthetic needs can be met with these gel-like injectables, and the composition of these guarantees safe procedures with minimal to no adverse reactions. The best thing about fillers is that thanks to their light consistency, even the most sensitive areas can be improved with these products - and lips as well!

Restylane and Juvederm lip fillers are among the most popular brands for lip augmentation, as they have smooth textures able to volumize target zone without any problems. Today's article is dedicated to Restylane for lips and its durability, so let's look closer to learn more about this beneficial product!

Which Dermal Filler Is the Best for Lips?

Restylane is a great decision for lip volume and shape correction due to a few reasons. It contains hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, so side effects are rare for this product type. On top of that, the results are also durable; most people can enjoy the improvement for up to a year, and sometimes even longer.

The procedure itself is similar to any other lip filler:
  1. First, the doctor should look closely at the target area to create the procedure protocol for thin lips;
  2. Then, the target spot is cleaned, and a topical numbing cream is applied to it to ensure patients feel no pain during the injection session;
  3. Lastly, a specialist can gently massage the area to spread out the product nicely under the skin.

The best option from the Restylane line for this region is Restylane Kysse hyaluronic acid fillers. Below, we are going to discuss them in more detail.

What Is Restylane Kysse?

If you want to buy Restylane fillers online for lips, consider Restylane Kysse as your main option. This injectable variation is specially formulated to augment lips and make them look fuller and more defined. In addition, HA in the composition boosts their hydration and gives lips a juicier, more seductive look.

With this FDA-approved lip filler, the results last for up to a year based on certain individual peculiarities of the patient. Natural-looking fullness without the need for complicated surgeries is definitely something people want to include in their routine; no wonder Restylane has such a high ranking among aesthetic specialists.

Restylane Silk may also be considered to make lips fuller, as well as eliminate the occurrence of fine lines in the perioral area. Still, consultation with a doctor is demanded to ensure this step is safe and the product can fulfill all patients' requests without complications or unwanted adverse reactions afterward.

How Long Does Restylane in Lips Last?

One of the things people are curious about when it comes to Restylane for lip fullness is, of course, the product's longevity. This factor is essential, as it's essential to understand whether Restylane treatment is worth trying (we tend to be a little scared of unknown things, and that's a fact).

During the initial consultation, a specialist should have a closer look at the treated area and calculate the injectable dosage that will make it possible to reach the desired effect. The approximate durability of the injectable should also be predicted during this meeting. One thing that should be remembered is that Restylane's longevity for thinning lips varies based on certain individual factors, such as health, skin condition, age, and others. Overall, a significant improvement may be expected for eight to twelve months. The volumizing effect becomes noticeable almost right after the procedure; the only thing is that you'll need to wait for a day or two for all the side effects to fade away (these are normal for cosmetic procedures, after which the body needs to get used to the unknown solution under the skin).

To see the effect faster, follow these simple post-treatment recommendations: avoid sun exposure, always wear sunscreen, apply ice to the swollen regions, don't massage the target area, and avoid excessive heat. If these are not ignored, there should be no problems after the injection session. Also, inform a specialist if any symptoms after the procedure seems dangerous.


The Best Injectable Filler for Lip Lines

In the perioral area, not only the lower and upper lip can be enhanced. Fillers are also meant to treat wrinkles, and Restylane has a few nice options for this target zone. Restylane Silk, Restylane Refyna, and Restylane Defyne are among the most popular products from this brand. These dermal fillers work well for such imperfections as nasolabial folds, smile lines, marionette lines, etc. If skin volume loss is your problem, ensure to consider these injectables and discuss them with a doctor.

The gel-like substance allows filling in even the deepest creases entirely, so a patient sees a significant improvement and smoother skin tone and texture. This is a good variant for customers with aged, dull dermis, as well as those who don't consider plastic surgeries as an opinion.

Restylane is not the newest lip filler, but it has an excellent reputation among aesthetic cosmetologists with years of experience, and that says a lot about the product's quality. Various needs may be fulfilled with just a few syringes of Restylane, and the desired appearance will be achieved for a long time.

Is Restylane for Perioral Lines Safe for Me?

Before conducting a Restylane injection session, a doctor must discuss all patient's conditions to ensure the product is safe for them and won't cause any severe complications. Some health peculiarities may indicate that Restylane is not the right option for one's needs, namely:
  • Known bleeding disorders;
  • Damaged or inflamed skin in the target area;
  • Allergies related to the filler's components;
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • The poor health condition in general.

An alternative may be picked to treat these customers; waiting until the area is healed and a patient is ready for the procedure is also possible.

The Bottom Line

Restylane for lips is an excellent way to make this area fuller and more defined without the need to go under a surgeon's knife. It can provide significant improvement for a long time (up to 16 months) with minimal downtime after the injection session; to ensure the effect lasts longer, maintenance treatment can be scheduled every year to guarantee the gel doesn't wear off from the lips. Hopefully, this article covered all your questions!