7 Important Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Luggage

by - April 12, 2023

Once we decide to go on a journey, one of the most important things is our choice of the right luggage and what to pack in it. Yet, knowing how to organize it isn’t always easy, and this is especially complicated for people who carry a lot of unnecessary things. To avoid further complications, learn something new about luggage organization and choice by keeping in mind these useful steps.

Be Practical

If you’re a person who travels often because of work or simply satisfaction, you probably know the importance of organized and practical luggage. For that reason, you should know that compact and small would be better for carry-on luggage. This is essential when you go on a shorter trip and don’t have to carry too many things, only the necessary ones. Moreover, you can choose the design, material, and number of pockets for the items of different sizes you take. When you’re well organized and practical, your trip will be more pleasant for sure.

Number of Wheels

In the past, luggage was mostly made with two wheels, but nowadays it is made with four for the sake of stability. For instance, luggage with four wheels is more stable and easier to handle because you can pull it in various directions easily. On the other hand, a two-wheeled suitcase is faster on rougher ground, so opt for the one that suits you better. Remember that you should always buy your luggage with wheels so that you don’t have to bother with carrying it.

Check Its Weight

When choosing quality luggage, take care of its weight because if it's too heavy, you can’t take much with you. This is especially important if you go on a plane and have limits on how much you can carry with you. Also, use the one that has more pockets because they offer extra space, and take care that they are lockable. In that way, you can take more things with you without worrying that they will add extra weight to your luggage.

Choose a Unique Color

You probably know that it’s easy to take somebody else's luggage if it's the usual color. Of course, you can prevent this by opting for a vibrant color or by tying a ribbon on it to make it easier to recognize. It will definitely save your nerves and time. Another thing to pay attention to is how it looks inside and whether it has separate compartments, which are handy for staying organized. These sections are useful for separating dirty and clean clothes or your cosmetics from the rest of the clothes.

Quality Is Important

A lot of people aren’t ready to give much money for their travel bag, yet it’s a long-term investment, so don’t let its price be the determining factor. Rather, pay attention to its quality and durability, particularly if you’re planning trips in the future. Instead of focusing on the lower price, try to focus on getting the value and quality you paid for. It’s always better to pay for a worthy thing once than for one of poor quality several times.


There are two options when choosing the material for your luggage: soft-sided and hard-sided ones. You should decide according to your packing habits. Moreover, soft-sided travel bags have more space, and you should take care that they’re waterproof to keep things dry and clean.

On the other hand, hard-sided bags are more durable and stable, but they’re heavier, so you need to think about the things you pack and their exact weight. Hence, the choice is yours. If you don't plan to carry too many things or souvenirs, buy a hard-sided bag. But if you like to change combinations or purchase presents, your choice should be soft-sided luggage.

Secure Your Things

No matter whether you have valuable things or casual clothes, you should consider security locks when choosing your luggage. Your luggage should have strong zippers or an internal locking system that will guarantee the safety of your things. Before you buy your travel bag, check if it can lock, so that you don’t have to think about that further. When checking on the security of the bag, make sure that it’s waterproof as well, because of the rain or dirty and wet surfaces you’ll probably touch.

Finally, think carefully about all these tips before you buy your luggage, which you’ll use for a long time. Place its practicality and quality over its appearance, and don’t choose the cheapest option because it won’t pay off. Instead, stick to the one that will serve your needs for your next journeys.

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