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Creating a Backyard Oasis: Designing Your Pool and Surrounding for Maximum Relaxation

Creating a backyard oasis is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable outdoor projects you can undertake. A beautiful pool surrounded by lush landscaping, comfortable furniture for lounging, and relaxing lighting create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that will help you escape from everyday life at home. With some planning and preparation, designing your own personal oasis is simple to do and can provide countless hours of relaxation, beauty, and enjoyment no matter what season it is!

Whether you are looking to upgrade or update your existing space or starting from scratch with an empty backyard canvas – this article on workflow background information will provide insight into how best to achieve your ultimate dream pool paradise.

Get Inspired

If you're looking to make your backyard oasis a reality, why not get inspired by checking out some swoon-worthy designs? Whether you choose to look online or browse through magazines, seeing what others have created can give you some much-needed design ideas. It's also a great way to check out reviews of well-known pool contractors in Florida who specialize in creating custom outdoor retreats. Whether you eventually decide to DIY or hire a professional, doing your research beforehand can help ensure that the result is exactly what you want and something that will be the perfect place for relaxation in the sun.

The type of swimming pool you choose for your backyard oasis will be the centerpiece of your design, so deciding on the right one is an important task. There are many different types and designs to choose from – whether you want something simple and classic or more elaborate with water features and architectural elements, there is bound to be something that suits your style and budget.

Consider the Size of Your Pool

When it comes to creating a backyard oasis, how big should you go? Having a large pool leaves plenty of room for activities and relaxation, but also means more maintenance work and potentially extra cost. So how do you go about deciding which size is best for you?

The foremost consideration might be the amount of space available—if there’s only enough for a smaller pool, then that’s the right way to go. On the other hand, if there’s more space than what’s minimally required, you can start dreaming up all the fun ways you could use your generously sized backyard oasis.

From summer barbecues with family and friends to tranquil Sunday morning swims after yoga, unlimited entertainment possibilities await with a larger pool! But careful consideration should still be employed when it comes to maintenance; if extra upkeep is not something you want or have time for in your life, keep your pool size on the conservative side. Take your time to balance out all the possibilities until you find a “pool”-section!

Determine What Type of Pool You Would Like to Install

When it comes to creating your own backyard relaxing space, you get to decide the type of pool that will best fit your needs. Above-ground pools often require little in terms of installation and are low maintenance, but leaving them up all year long can be unsightly.

In-ground pools usually provide a classic design with greater permanence, while custom-built pools provide complementary aesthetics concerning the surrounding environment and offer increased insulation options.

No matter which option you choose, a stunning pool will provide the centerpiece for an unforgettable gathering spot for friends and family alike.

Decide on a Shape and Design for Your Pool

If you're looking to create a backyard oasis, start by deciding on the shape and design of your pool. Oval shapes remain popular for their ability to fit into smaller areas, but more dynamic shapes like rectangles can be used for interesting visual appeal. Consider contrasting textures, such as tile inside the pool with stone or concrete outside. If you choose a rectangle, add character by adding different lengths and designs along each side of the pool. Use your imagination and create a unique space that is perfect for relaxation.

Choose the Materials That Will Surround the Pool

When choosing the materials to surround your pool, you want to pick something that will be durable, low-maintenance, and visually pleasing. Wood decking adds a classic touch and can be easily decorated with outdoor furniture and lighting options. Stone pavers provide a natural feel that adds texture and rustic charm. Composite decking is an affordable alternative that still looks good and is easy maintenance. No matter which option you choose, you will have a beautiful area to relax in for years to come!

Incorporate Some Landscaping Elements into Your Design

When designing your oasis, it's essential to incorporate the right landscaping elements into your design. Trees and shrubs can provide both shade and privacy from any nearby neighbors. Angling shrubs outward away from the pool and strategically placing tall trees for natural screening is a great way to keep your tranquil haven private.

If you have larger plants, use them to frame the pool area as if it was a framed artwork - carefully arranging them between accent points as you would a gallery wall. Doing so will provide an elegant look as well as protection from prying eyes.

Creating your own backyard oasis is a great way to spend a relaxing day. With the right design, you can make sure that your pool and surrounding area look as great as it feels. Take the time to peruse online galleries and magazines for inspiration, determine the size and type of pool that will work best for your space, choose shape and materials, consider landscape elements for shade and privacy, and you'll be on the way to having a luxurious outdoor living area. With some thoughtful planning, creating an outdoor paradise won't be far away.

Whether you start from scratch or just spruce up existing elements, designing your pool and surrounding area will provide ample areas of relaxation and entertainment. Get out there with your ideas in hand and soon enough every day will feel like a staycation!