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Unique DIY Resin Project Ideas for Your Home Decor

Resin from plants can be dated back to Ancient Greece. Epoxy resin was discovered in the 1930s thanks to a chemist in Germany. If you love creating your own home decor then resin projects are a perfect way to make unique pieces that will have your guests chatting about when they come to visit.

Read on to learn some fun resin project ideas for your home decor.

Coffee Tables

You no longer have to settle on buying a coffee table that someone else will also have in their home. Instead, you can use resin to create your own coffee table masterpiece. You can even make colored resin to make it match your home. The beginners guide to epoxy colors is a great place to learn more about adding colored resin to give your coffee table a unique shiny top with the color of your choice. If you want more than one color you can add another pigment to create a pattern.

The key is to make sure that the resin is spread evenly across the table’s surface. If there are any air bubbles make sure you get rid of them before the resin dries.


Creating your own resin art is a perfect way to show off your creative and artistic side. Eventually, you can even opt to sell your art if you want to make some extra money. An easy way to start is to buy some inexpensive canvas at a dollar store and mix the resin colors of choice and drip them onto the canvas to create a fun look.

You can also opt to create a theme for your art, like a beach theme. In this case mix colors such as different shades of blues and teals, white, and tan color to represent the sand. Once you are happy with your end result use a pour-on resin if you want a high gloss shine.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC has a unique art piece on display of a bowl containing resin and butter from the Egyptians. There are so many unique pieces of art to create with a bit of imagination.


If you are just getting started with resin, coasters are a simple way to start. One DIY coaster you can make is with a jar lid. Gather some pebbles and shells and place them inside the jar lid without having any stick out above the edge.

Play around with how the pebbles and shells look. Once you are satisfied with their placement, pour the resin mixture inside and allow it to sit and dry. If any air bubbles appear, pop them to avoid having tiny bubbles on your final product.

You can also make marbled wood coasters. Gather hollow wood coasters and the pigments you want to mix into your resin for a unique look. Once you mix your resin according to the package instructions, divide this into small cups to dye each cup with your color of choice.

Add 1 drop of pigment to each cup and mix each cup with its own mixing stick. Make sure to stir until the pigment is completely mixed in. Then you can start to drip the different pigments onto your wooden coasters to layer the colors and create a marble effect by moving the coaster back and forth slightly to let the colors run together.

You can also drag a stir stick through the colors from one side to the other. Once you are happy with the colors, allow the coasters to cure for a minimum of 24 hours.


Serving Tray

If you don’t have a serving wood tray, you can pick one up at any local craft store or go thrifting for a tray. First, you will paint the tray with your color of choice. If you are not sure where to start, black is always a perfect neutral color.

Once the paint dries, mix your resin and divide it into smaller cups where you will put in the pigments you want for your tray. Keep in mind that resin starts drying fairly quickly, so you need to move fast.

You can drizzle the colors onto the tray in random patterns until you are happy with the design. You can also use the cups with the pigment to create circular spots on your tray. Feel free to use a stick to create a marble effect and if you want to add some sparkle to your tray, sprinkle some glitter before the resin dries.

Allow the resin to cure and then you can use and show off your serving tray.


You can also give an old table a makeover. Use either an old table you already have or look for an old inexpensive table at a thrift store. First, you will have to clean and sand the old paint off. Then you will have to prime and paint the table before you pour any resin over it.

To make your table waterproof, cut a piece of fabric to its exact size and glue it onto the top with a mod podge. Once the fabric dries you can start to pour resin over it.

If you are into marbles and crystals you can place small crystal slices or marbles all over the table or down the middle before you pour the resin.

For those that are fans of the marble resin look, you can opt to create that marble effect all over the top of the table. A popular choice is to pick different shades of the same color and drip them all over the table to create wavy patterns. If the frame of the table doesn’t match the new resin top you can paint it either a similar color or a contrasting color for a touch of pop.

Ready to Create Your Own Masterpieces?

We hope your creative wheels are spinning with ideas. Now you can pick and choose what resin projects you want to tackle to create one-of-a-kind decor for your home. The options for creating fun home decor with resin are endless.

No matter what you choose to do, have fun and enjoy the art process!

Before you head out keep browsing around this section for some more home inspiration.