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10 Handmade Ideas to Spruce Up Your Deck This Summer

Decks are the perfect place for entertaining and relaxing during the summer months. But if your deck looks dull, you may need some new ideas to spruce it up. All it takes is to explore your decking options, including adding handmade items to your deck. This can transform your deck into an inviting and stylish outdoor space. Let's look at ten handmade items that will make your deck look fabulous!

Hanging Planters

Add color and life to your deck by hanging bright planters filled with flowers or herbs. You can make these yourself using terra cotta pots, twine, and paint. Or, if you want something more unique, use old mason jars or tin cans instead of traditional planters. Either way, they'll add an instant pop of color and life to your deck.

Patio Furniture

If you're looking for a way to spruce up your existing patio furniture, try making slipcovers out of fabric or plastic tablecloths! This is a great way to give new life to old furniture without spending too much money buying new pieces. You can also add decorations such as pillows and throws for added coziness.

String Lights

String lights are always a great addition to any outdoor space, especially decks! They add an instant touch of ambiance and romance that will make your guests feel at home on your patio this summer season. Try making these yourself with an empty wine bottle, some twine, and fairy lights from the dollar store!

Outdoor Rugs

A colorful outdoor rug can liven up any deck space! To make one yourself, choose a durable fabric like canvas or cotton duck cloth in a fun pattern or design that matches the rest of your decorating scheme. Cut it into strips slightly wider than the width of the rug you're aiming for (you can always trim them down later). Then sew them together with heavy-duty thread until you have created a finished product!

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes bring sound, movement, and texture to any outdoor space! Use seashells or other objects around the house, like keys or beads strung onto wire hangers–it's totally up to you how creative you get with this project!

Wall Art

If you're looking for something more permanent than wind chimes or string lights, wall art is the way to go! Paintings are always lovely on decks, but if painting isn't your thing, why not make mosaics out of broken tiles? Or wooden signs painted with quotes? Whatever type of wall art you decide on, it will surely add character and charm to any outdoor area!


Birdhouses are another great way to spruce up any outdoor area–they also provide shelter for our feathered friends! Try making one out of wood scraps from previous projects or old pallets. This is an easy project that requires minimal supplies; all you need is wood glue and some nails or screws!


Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains are perfect for creating privacy when entertaining guests on hot summer days or nights–they also add texture and color to any space! To make them yourself, buy fabric in whatever pattern suits your style best, then use hooks attached directly onto the wall or curtain rods hung from above; voila–instant privacy curtains without spending a fortune on buying ready-made ones at stores!

Fire Pit

Nothing says summertime quite like sitting around a fire pit under the stars, so why not build one yourself? It doesn't have to be anything fancy—a simple metal bowl filled with sand and charcoal should do the trick—but it will keep everyone warm while they enjoy their time outdoors this season!



Finally, adding a trellis covered in plants is another great way to bring life (and privacy) into any outdoor area this summer season! Make one easily out of wood posts affixed together at each end; attach netting along two sides, then let nature do its job by training trailing plants along its edges until it looks like an enchanting garden feature worthy of Pinterest fame!!

Final Thoughts

Decks don't have to stay boring. All it takes is to explore your decking options. There are plenty of ways to spruce them up this season with handmade items that fit your budget and style preferences!! From string lights made from wine bottles, colorful rugs made out of fabric scraps, and wind chimes made from seashells--the possibilities are endless when it comes to adding charming touches that will make your deck look fabulous this summer season!! So what are YOU waiting for? Get crafting today!!